The Fund-a-Project initiative will present an opportunity for SHEF and local businesses to provide funding for large district-wide projects. SHEF and the District will work together to identify projects and improvements that need to be implemented in multiple classrooms.

Children using tablet computers

This year our goal continues to be bringing technological enhancement into every classroom. Better technology is essential for our children to succeed in the new and extremely rigorous education standard called Common Core. Adopted by the State of Illinois, as well as most other states, the new Common Core will bring cohesiveness to the education program all over the United States and better prepare students for success throughout college and the workplace in a competitive global economy. Technology integration is critical in teaching applied learning skills that are necessary for the comprehensive nature of Common Core.

Mobile Learning Labs

This project will provide a mobile learning lab for classroom use, utilizing a Microsoft Surface tablet device for students to use for research projects, daily lessons, and skill development. The students will use the tablets and preloaded software in a one on one environment or group session to bridge technology and curriculum together into the classroom. Each lab will contain:

  • 30 MS Surface tablet devices with keyboard covers,
  • a wireless network printer,
  • and a secure storage cart that will also be a charging station for the devices.

Program Expansion

Your donation will enable SHEF to fund the expansion of the mobile lab pilot program project by adding:

  •  One additional lab at our intermediate school;
  •  Four labs at our Junior High school (7th and 8th grade; 837 students); and
  •  Six labs at each of our six elementary schools (1st through 4th grades only; 1,376 total students).


Due to difficulties with school budgets and state funding issues, this can be fully funded through charitable donations from local community organizations such as yours. Please note that 100% of your donation will go toward technology improvements. Thank you in advance for considering our request to help our neighborhood schools. The teachers and students will greatly benefit from your generosity.


September 2013

SHEF approved a $19,000 technology pilot program at Hilda Walker Intermediate School. This pilot program provides two Microsoft Surface tablet labs for use in the classroom. Teachers and students will use the tablets for a variety of activities and projects in the classroom. Each learning lab contains 30 Microsoft Surface tablet devices with keyboard covers, a wireless network printer, and a secure storage cart that will also be a charging station for the devices. The knowledge the district receives from this pilot will help them determine the future use of tablets for our district students.

January 2013

Due to the generous contribution of a loyal SHEF donor, SHEF was able to fund wireless in two elementary buildings in the amount of $51,500. The installation of the wireless access is the foundation on which the District will continue to build and enhance technology for our teachers and students.

 September 2012

SHEF purchased the remaining 49 document cameras needed in the amount of $27,400 to complete the ELMO In Every Classroom Project.

Contact SHEF

For additional information about Fund-a-Project and how you can help us bring our District's technology to the next level, please contact: Stephanie Flaris, SHEF President