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Mrs. Francie Boss

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Student Attendance: 9:00 - 3:30


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This week in class


Gym- 10:10-10:45


Music- 9:35-10:10

Gym- 1:20-2:45


Gym- 10:10-10:45


Gym- 10:10-10:45


Art- 9:35-10:10

Gym 10:10-10:45


Vocabulary Words
1. webbed
2.  waterproof
3. steer
4. whistle
5. otherwise
6. junior
7. slippery
8. finally
Spelling Words
1. father
2. over
3. under
4. herd
5. water
6. verb
7.  paper
8. cracker
9. offer
10. cover
11. germ
12. master
The dog jumped into the water.. ( Spelling Sentence)
Our class will be working on chapter 7 In this chapter your child will practice telling time and counting money.
Our class has started the next science scope about quick changes. 
Formative and Summative Grading
Formative grades are worth 25% and Summative grades are worth 75%.
If your child gets a D or F on a summative they will have to retake their test. They will receive the grade on the retake even if it is lower than the first grade.

Important Dates

  • September 6, 2018 : Curriculum Night

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