Summit Hill School District 161

Arbury Hills School

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  19651 S. Beechnut Drive, Mokena, IL, 60448
 Phone (708) 479-2106


Mrs. Francie Boss

  School Hours

Student Attendance: 9:00 - 3:30


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This week in class


Gym- 10:10-10:45


Music- 9:35-10:10

Gym- 1:20-2:45


Gym- 10:10-10:45


Gym- 10:10-10:45


Art- 9:35-10:10

Gym 10:10-10:45


Vocabulary Words
1. blooming
2.  shovels
3. scent
4. tough
5. wrinkled
6. plain
7. muscles
8. nodded
Spelling Words
1. dress
2. spell
3. class
4. full
5. add
6. neck
7.  stuck
8. kick
9. rock
10. black
11. trick
12.  doll
The car was stuck in the mud.
Our class will be working on chapter 2.
Social Studies
Our class will continue to work on map skills, and the Pilgrims voyage to the new world.
Formative and Summative Grading
Formative grades are worth 25% and Summative grades are worth 75%.
If your child gets a D or F on a summative they will have to retake their test. They will receive the grade on the retake even if it is lower than the first grade.

Important Dates

  • September 6, 2018 : Curriculum Night

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