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Reassessment Procedures for Math and Science.

Posted : 2018-10-05 | Due on : 2069-12-31

Reassessment Procedures for Math and Science

Students who receive a D or an F will have a required retake. Students that receive an A, B, or C may request to retake a summative assessment. This request must be made within a week of the summative assessment. Keep in mind that students that opt to retake a summative assessment may only do so once per subject per quarter and the second grade will be the one recorded in PowerSchool. Students must meet with the teacher to discuss the assessment and students will need to complete the following steps for reassessment to be given.
Step 1: Students will need to fill out a "Request to Re-Test" form. This form requires both a parent and student signature.
Step 2: Students will need to correct the original assessment.
Step 3: Students will need to provide three examples of preparation for the reassessment.
The reassessment will take place within a week of the original assessment on a date determined by the teacher.
The request to re-test form and evidence must be completed and returned on the date of the reassessment. Students that do not complete all requirements, will not be allowed to retake the summative assessment.

This week in class










Math- Assessment signed and returned- page 139 #1-3

Cursive M/N due Wednesday, October 24th

Veteran's Day form



Math- Page 141 #2-3 and 142 #1-2 on loose leaf

Science- Mrs. Maranto's class only- vocabulary cards due Monday, October 22nd

Cursive M/N due Wednesday, October 24th

Friday folder signed and returned






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Important Dates

  • October 24, 2018 : Math Assessment
    Students will take the Ch. 2 math assessment on Wednesday, October 24th. Students may come in at 7:45 that morning to review.

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