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Principal: Laura C. Goebel
Assistant Principal: Maura K. Carroll

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This week in class



Math: p. 35-36. 1.1-1.5 quiz tomorrow. Study guide, signed by a parent, due tomorrow. Summative on Thursday. Reading Summative on "A Package for Mrs., Jewls" on Thursday. Science: Watch the short video called "Vegetation Transformation" from the "Downloads" section of my teacher web site.




Sign the Friday Folder. Work on Language Packet and Math Motivator.


Hello Parents,




Here are important dates to keep in mind:


  • ANY Wednesday, your child may come at 7:40 to get extra help.  They just have to go to the front door and ring the bell. If there is someone who wants to join band, you could ask Mr. Wagstaff not to give your child the Wednesday rehearsal slot if you want to come to the review session.
  • Parent/Teacher conference sign-up will be on-line this year.  They will be held on November 20, 21.  An e-mail will be sent out letting you know how to sign up.



Each week I will post a short summary of what we will be covering in class.  I will give approximate quiz and test days.  If the day gets changed, your child will have that written in the assignment notebook.


  • Reading- We are finishing “A Package for Mrs. Jewls”. The summative will include vocabulary and comprehension of the skills.
  • Language- We are working on forming correct sentences now.  All year the students will have to know the subject and the verb in a sentence since they relate to many other parts of a sentence. It would help if you had your child practice finding them (including the linking and helping verbs) in regular texts they are reading. We started doing a D.O.L.  in the spiral where they practice fixing mistakes in a sentence.  After we do 10 sentences, they will study them for an assessment.  I will let you know when we finish.


  • Math- We are doing Chapter 1 about place value.  We will be finishing lesson 5 and taking the summative on lessons 1-5. To be more successful with homework, they should bring home their math books to look at the work we did together and their spirals in case we have extra notes. I do encourage you to help them or look over their work to be sure they are on the right track. I will send home a review before we take the summative.


  • Science- We begin with learning Matter and Energy in Plants.  We take notes about the important points in the spiral. We planted seeds to see how hydroponics works.


  • Social studies- We are doing activities to introduce the colonists coming to America.  We are reading chapter 6 about colonization.

Have a great week. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  We can accomplish more together!


Mrs. Schaefer

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