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Posted : 2018-09-07 | Due on : 2018-09-14

Quarter 1/Question #2

Using complete sentences, please complete all parts of the following question: Describe the five Fitness Gram fitness tests and the muscle groups they work.

Posted : 2018-09-14 | Due on : 2018-09-21

Quarter 1/Question #3

Football: Analyze the online football study guide. List and explain three football penalties. Please use complete sentences when explaining your answer.

Posted : 2018-09-23 | Due on : 2018-09-28

Quarter 1/Question 4

Using the online study guide, please define the following terms in complete sentences: corner kick, goal kick, penalty kick and direct free kick.

Posted : 2018-10-02 | Due on : 2018-10-05

Quarter 1/Question #5

Why is cardiovascular fitness important? Explain at least three benefits and three types of cardio activities that you can do to improve your cardio fitness level?

This week in class


Physical Education: Football/Soccer/Cardio Fitness



Question of the Week:  No question of the week this week. Both the football and soccer assessments are due by October 17th. You may submit both assessments online by clicking on the link in the assignments section.


Physical Education:  Football/Soccer/Cardio Fitness







Physical Education: Football/Soccer/Cardio Fitness

***Football and Soccer Assessments Due Today!***






Physical Education: Football/Soccer/Cardio Fitness






Physical Education: Football/Soccer/Cardio Fitness







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