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  20027 88th Ave., Frankfort, IL, 60423
 Phone (815) 464-2034


Principal: Michael L. Ruffalo
Assistant Principal: Tracy Bulfer

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Early Childhood AM - 8:30am-11:00am Early Childhood PM- 12:00pm-2:30pm Early Childhood Individualized Instruction 8:30am-2:30pm Kindergarten 8:45am-2:15pm First through Fourth Grades: 9:00 - 3:30

-Dr. Julian Rogus School
Mission - Rogus School Mission is to educate children in a nurturing environment.
Vision - Rogus School vision is to create a community where children are loved for who they are and challenged to aim high.
Values - We value Acceptance, Belonging, and Community.


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Physical Education~ 10:10-10:45 Art~ 2:20-2:55


Physical Education~ 10:10-10:45 Music~ 2:20-2:55


Physical Education~ 10:10-10:45 Library~ 2:30-2:50


Physical Education~ 10:10-10:45


Technology~ 9:10-10:10 Physical Education~ 10:10-10:45 Music~ 2:20-2:55


Dear Parents,

         There have been many new and exciting things happening in first grade!  Next week is Johnny Appleseed’s Birthday and we will be learning about who he was and what he did.  I am asking each child to bring in an apple on Tuesday so that we can do some activities with them.  If you would like to send in the apple on Monday, I will store them in the classroom. 

          In Reading, we have been working on short vowel sounds.  We have almost covered all of our short vowel sounds!  Please practice reading stories with your child that work on these vowels sounds.  We will continue to work on the short vowels all year long and learn many of the different type of word patterns that make our vowels short or long. We have one more story in this reading theme and then we will be taking our first reading skills test.  More information will be sent home next week about the test.  Again, it is nothing to stress about and we will be preparing in school!

          In Math, we have been working on subtraction concepts.  As you can see already, our new common core standards focus heavily on problem solving, which can be tricky for young students.  Please make sure you are practicing the concepts we are covering in class.  This will make the difficult topics a bit easier for the students to remember and understand.  Also, please work on addition and subtraction facts at home so that they become automatic.  Thank you for all of the extra practice at home!

          Today progress reports were open for you to view on Power School.  I am very proud of all of the students on how hard they have been working in class.  Please keep in mind that these grades are from the beginning of the year and the students have only been graded on a few assignments.  There will be many more grades before the end of the first quarter.  If you have any questions, please let me know!

          Our Unfundraiser is off to a great start here at Dr. Julian Rogus School!  Thank you so very much to everyone who has donated so far! 

          I sent home our first Scholastic Book Club order today.  I am not going to lie, I am not great about sending these out throughout the year!  I will try to at least send them every other month, but please remind me if it slips my mind!  If you want to order this time, please send the order form and check made out to Scholastic Book Clubs by next Friday!  Hopefully next time I will have figured out the online ordering function!  Ahh, technology! J

          Picture packets were sent home yesterday.  ALL of the pictures look absolutely adorable, but if you would like retakes the retake day is Tuesday, October 3rd.  There was a small sheet sent home with the picture packets explaining what to do if you want picture retakes.  If you want retakes and would like to send the packet back now, I will hold it in the classroom.

          Wowzers, this was a long newsletter!  If you have any other questions, please email or call me at school.  I will be sending out our first blast email for the class next week, so if you have not filled out the sheet with your email please do so quickly!  Again, if you ever need to email me, my email address is

          As always, have a fantastic weekend with your family!  I cannot believe it, but we are having my son’s 5th birthday party this weekend while camping with friends!  Where has the time gone?!?  Oh, and GO BEARS!!!  Fingers crossed it gets better?!?! 

Mrs. O’Callaghan

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