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Indian Trail School

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Dana Wright

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Student Attendance: 9:00 - 3:30


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This week in class


9:00 P.E


9:00 P.E

9:35 Music


9:00 P.E

2:20 Art (Every other week) 


9:00 P.E 

1:45 Music 


9:00 P.E 


Newsletter for the week of October 15-19th



•Friday, October 19th is Hot Lunch. 

•We will have bus evacuation on Tuesday.

•Continue to encourage your child to read for 20 minutes a day!

•Continue to practice math addition and subtraction facts at home!


This week's work:


Reading: This week we will be reading, “The Ugly Vegetable.”  The genre of this story is realistic fiction.  The essential question is, “What can you learn from planting a garden?”  The target skill is drawing conclusions and story structure.  The vocabulary strategy is homophones.  The vocabulary words are:  blooming, shovels, scent, tough, wrinkled, plain, muscles, and nodded.  Students will have the opportunity this week to try some vegetables! 


Spelling:  The words this week have the double consonants and ck pattern. 

See the back of your child's newsletter

Grammar: We will work on proper nouns this week. 


Math:  We have started Chapter 3 and are working on basic math facts and math fact relationships.   




Science:  We have started out Plant and Animal dependence Stemscope last week.  We focus on the relationship between plants and animals and how they depend on each other. 

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