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9:00 P.E


9:00 P.E

9:35 Music


9:00 P.E

2:20 Art (Every other week) 


9:00 P.E 

1:45 Music 


9:00 P.E 


Newsletter for the week of Decmeber 10th-14th


The Indian Trail Winter Program is scheduled for December 14th.  You will receive 4  tickets per student to enter the program ( young children do not need a ticket).  Your tickets will go home on December 10th.  There are two shows:  10:00 a.m. show for families with the last name beginning with A-L and a 1:30 p.m show for last names beginning with M-Z. Doors 12 and 13 will open approximately 30 minutes before show time. 


Please don’t forget to send in a white plain pre-washed shirt by Wednesday!

We will be taking our NWEA test this week.  We will take our Reading test on Tuesday, and our Math test on Wednesday!  I am excited to see the student's growth!  Please make sure you encourage your child to do their best!  

This week's work:


Reading: This week we will be reading, “Poppleton, In Winter.”  We will work on a variety of reading strategies.  Such as story morals, compare and contrast, and author’s purpose.  The vocabulary words are:  icicles, proud, picket, creative, bust, and molding.


Spelling: The words this week have the ay, and ai sound.


Grammar: This week we will be working on different types of sentences.  We will learn to distinguish between different types of sentences.


Math:  We will continue to working Chapter 5 and learn different strategies for subtraction. 


Science:  We will continue to lean about diversity of living things.  We will have a vocabulary quiz this week.  As our summative we will be creating habitats.  Please see the note that will come home this week!  Thanks!

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