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Dana Wright

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9:00 P.E


9:00 P.E

9:35 Music


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2:20 Art (Every other week) 


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Newsletter for the week of February 18-22nd


Important Information

•There will be no school on February 18th due to President’s Day. 

•Field Trip Money is due Friday, February 22nd.

•We will have our library check in check out on Friday this week.

•Friday is the Winter Carnival!

•Upcoming Date

•March 1st is a Half Day

•March 4th we will not have school in observance of Pulaski Day. 


This week's work:


Reading: This week we will be reading, “Dex: Heart of a Hero.”  The  genre of the story is fantasy.  The essential question is, “What makes someone a hero?”  The target strategies are compare and contrast and figurative language.  The  vocabulary strategy is the prefix over.  The vocabulary words are: depended, sore, sprang, studied, gazing, hero, exercise, and overlooked. 


Grammar: The grammar skill is commas in a series. 


Spelling: The spelling words this week have the or, and ore sound. 


Math: We will continue to work on money and this week we will also focus on telling time. 


Social Studies:  We will have our test over the Inuit this week and move onto Science. 


Science:  We will move on to our next Stemscope, “Properties and States of Matter.”

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