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9:00 P.E


9:00 P.E

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2:20 Art (Every other week) 


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Newsletter for the week of April 15th-April 19th


Our animal book has been submitted and should arrive in the next few weeks!

We will be enjoying a story from our reader but we will not have a summative assessment over the story this week.  We will only have a spelling test

April 18th Sunglasses Day for $1. (SCO Activity)

April 19th-April 22nd No School


This week's work:


Reading: This week we will be reading, “From Seed to Plant.”  The essential question is, “How do plants grown and change?”  The target strategy is text and graphic features.  The vocabulary strategy is using context clues.  The vocabulary words are: grain, pod, soak, soften, root, shoot, nutrition, and tasty. 


Grammar: The grammar skill this week is more irregular action verbs. 



Math:  We will continue to work in Chapter 10 and learn more about different types of data. 


Science:  We are working on quick land changes.  We will learn about different types of quick land changes. 


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