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First Grade News with Mrs. Sobczak
June 1, 2018

What’s New?
 We only have one day left of first grade!!  Where has the time gone?  This was a busy and fun week.  Tuesday we had a visitor from a local business that came in and talked about Junior Achievement.  He talked about jobs and responsibilities and how we each have a job in our own families.   In the afternoon on Tuesday, we got together with Mrs. Bailey’s class to watch a video about the coral reef for Video Day.  On Wednesday, we went for a walk around the school for Walk Day.  Thursday, we got together with the other first graders again outside to exchange autographs.  Today, we spent some time cleaning our desks and cubbies. The children really enjoyed sharing a picnic today with you!  We were lucky to have such a beautiful day!
We read lots of Laura Numeroff stories.  We did some comparing and contrasting of the stories.  We also did some sequencing activities and cause and effect.  The children enjoyed partner reading these stories together.
We have been taking some timed tests in addition.  We all started at Level A and tried to complete 40 addition problems in two minutes.  If we passed, we got to move onto Level B. If not, we would try again until we got 100%.  These are not counted as a grade of course.  They are just practice to try to have instant recall with addition facts.  Please keep practicing over the summer.
We wrote our final writing sample for first grade.  The children wrote about things they learned and fun things they did.  They did a really nice job!  These will go in their writing portfolios that are kept in the office.  Each year, the children will add a writing sample and you will get them all when they graduate! 
We learned about different jobs and businesses in our area when our Junior Achievement speaker came.  He also taught us about earning money and the difference between wants and needs.
We did not get to science this week.
Have a great weekend!

Important Dates

  • June 4, 2018 : Last Day of School

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