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Music, P.E.


P.E., Spelling Assessment


September 15, 2017


Here is a look at what is going on in the classroom next week.


Next week, children will explore the question “Why is going to school important?” We’ll read the fantasy story Curious George at School, in which our monkey friend has fun in the classroom. Children will also read the informational text School Long Ago, which looks at schools past and present. We will be working on sequencing events in a story.  

The phonics skill for the week is words with short o (pot, dog, shop) and consonants l, x, and inflection –s.  

Our vocabulary words for the week are: do, find, funny, no, sing, they. The children need to know how to read these words, not spell them. The vocabulary strategy we are working on is multiple-meaning words.

Our spelling words for the week are: log, dot, top, hot, ox, lot, not, is, dog, they. The children need to know how to read these words as well as spell them.



We had our first math assessment this week. The children did great! Now, we will begin a chapter on subtraction concepts.


Social Studies

We will be integrating social studies into our reading time by talking about friendships and people in our community.



We will be continuing with a small unit on the five senses to familiarize the children with scientific terms before we begin our STEMscopes curriculum.


Hope everyone has a great weekend and a fabulous week! ????

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