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First Grade Newsletter
May 14, 2018
Here’s a quick peek at our week.
This week we will be reading our final story for the first grade school year. Wow! Mia Hamm Winners Never Quit is a narrative Nonfiction story. Alongside it, we will be reading an informational text entitled Be a Team Player. Our target skills for these stories are main idea and details as well as summarizing.  Our vocabulary strategy is the suffix -ly. The high frequency words are brothers, loved, people, everyone, most, sorry, field, only.
The spelling pattern this week is syllable pattern CV.  The spelling words for the week are even, open, begin, baby, tiger, music, paper, zero, table, below.  Phonics this week will consist of the prefixes un- and re- and the syllable pattern CV. In grammar, we will be talking about adjectives that compare.
Math-  We will be talking about two dimensional shapes.
The homework schedule for the week will be sent home in their take home folder on Monday.

Have a fabulous week! As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Dates to Remember:
Monday, May 14th – Music Day
Tuesday, May 15th – Name Day
Wednesday, May 16th – Outside Day
Thursday, May 17th – Poppins Day
Friday, May 18th – Quiet Day Bring a pillow and a book!
Friday, May 18th – Field Day

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