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  19651 S. Beechnut Drive, Mokena, IL, 60448
 Phone (708) 479-2106


Mrs. Francie Boss

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Student Attendance: 9:00 - 3:30


Students/parents; find weekly assignments under newsletter section! As fourth graders I feel the students should be learning responsibility with their assignment notebook. Therefore, they are responsible for writing down their assignments and gathering their materials at the end of the day. I will not be checking and signing everyone's notebook. If you feel your child needs help with their organization, please contact me. If your child receives a D or F on any test or quiz, it needs to be signed by a parent and returned to school the next day. Every child will have the opportunity to retake a test or quiz once. The most current grade will remain the new grade. Depending on how long the test or quiz is, students may retake it in sections. A retake may look like a written test, a narrative, or even an oral test restating the correct or right way to do the problem. John Buchanan Arbury Hills Elementary School 19651 Beechnut Drive Mokena, IL 60448 708 479-2106

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This week in class


Physical Education {9:05-9:40}

Music {2:25-3:00}


Physical Education {9:05-9:40}

Music {11:25-3:00}


Physical Education {9:05-9:40}


Physical Education {9:05-9:40}

Technology Integration {10:30-11:30}

Library {12:00-12:20}



Physical Education {9:05-9:40} 

Art {9:40-10:15 every other Thursday


Thank You to all the parents throughout the past 23 years at Summithill. Thank you to all the great teachers and staff at all the buildings. It has been my honor to work beside you. Administrators at 161 are the very best; I appreciate your support and wisdom. Most importantly I want to thank the students! You are the reason the rest of us put in the effort needed to teach and guide you on this journey called, school. I have been very blessed to be part of this team. Thank You!

For the last week we will be reviewing English skills taught throughout the year. In reading we will be reviewing concepts and strategies previously taught. In math we will be teaching perimeter and area. In science we will be discussing renewable and nonrenewable resources. In social studies we will finish up learning about Illinois and the midwest region

~6/6 Free Hot Dog Lunch/Kona Ice
~6/6   Field Day (volunteers still needed)
~6/6 Last Day (report cards sent home)

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