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Students/parents; find weekly assignments under newsletter section! As fourth graders I feel the students should be learning responsibility with their assignment notebook. Therefore, they are responsible for writing down their assignments and gathering their materials at the end of the day. I will not be checking and signing everyone's notebook. If you feel your child needs help with their organization, please contact me. John Buchanan Arbury Hills Elementary School 19651 Beechnut Drive Mokena, IL 60448 708 479-2106

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This week in class


Physical Education {10:50-11:25} Music {1:50-2:25}


Physical Education {10:50-11:25} Music {1:50-2:25}


Physical Education {10:50-11:25}


Technology Integration {9:05-10:05} Physical Education {10:50-11:25} Library {11:40-12:00}


Physical Education {10:50-11:25} Art {9:40-10:15 every other Friday}


The following information is for week ending 10/20/17.

Reading/ELA: This week's story is titled "Stormalong, " which a tall tale about the sea. The Essential Question is: Why do people pass down stories over the years? The vocabulary words for this story are: seafaring, tidal, foaming, outcast, yearning,memorable, betrayed, condition, shortage, and horrified. The students will be writing a collaboration tall tale with the class. Grammar for the next two weeks will involve Proper Nouns.

Spelling: Students will be expected to spell each word in the sentence correctly; along with correct capitalization and punctuation.  The pretest will be on Monday and the post-test will be on Friday.  Any student receiving a 100% on the pretest will not have to take the post-test. 

  1. She sent me an email.
  2. The gum just cost one cent.
  3. A skunk and a strong scent.
  4. My feet ache from walking.
  5. Winning the race was a great feat.
  6. The handsome man is very vain.
  7. The weather vane was on top of the barn.
  8. I can see each vein in my arm.
  9. The miner found gold in the mine.
  10. It was just a minor error.


We will be working on chapter 3 (multiplying by 2-digit numbers).  The chapter essential question asks, What strategies can we use to multiply 2-digit numbers. The students will be estimating and multiplying using the partial product method, as well as the traditional regrouping method.


Students will be creating their own imaginary animals with super sense receptors. Different sense receptors are specialized for particular kinds of information, which is then processed by the animal’s brain. Animals are able to use their perceptions and memories to guide their actions. The senses allow animals to see, feel, hear, taste, smell, sense heat, sense cold, sense which way is down, and sense acceleration (change in speed), and transfer the meanings of those sensations to the brain. The brain allows us to react to stimuli. Not all senses are equal for all animals. In some animals, certain senses are more developed than others. Which senses are more developed can differ between animals, depending on their particular need for survival.

Social Studies:

 We will continue our westward expansion journey by discussing the hardships the early pioneers of the Oregon Trail. We will begin discussing the purpose of canals in the settling of our country. We will particularly discuss the creation of the Erie Canal.

***Our upcoming experiment will also need some craft items. If you have any lying around at home, we would appreciate sending them in this week! Some examples are:

-pom poms, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, feathers, small Styrofoam balls, packing peanuts, googly eyes, yarn, etc.?


~Craft items (see above) 10/19

~Haunted Hustle 5K 10/21

~Erin’s Law forms due 10/31

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