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Students/parents; find weekly assignments under newsletter section! As fourth graders I feel the students should be learning responsibility with their assignment notebook. Therefore, they are responsible for writing down their assignments and gathering their materials at the end of the day. I will not be checking and signing everyone's notebook. If you feel your child needs help with their organization, please contact me. John Buchanan Arbury Hills Elementary School 19651 Beechnut Drive Mokena, IL 60448 708 479-2106

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This week in class


Physical Education {10:50-11:25} Music {1:50-2:25}


Physical Education {10:50-11:25} Music {1:50-2:25}


Physical Education {10:50-11:25}


Technology Integration {9:05-10:05} Physical Education {10:50-11:25} Library {11:40-12:00}


Physical Education {10:50-11:25} Art {9:40-10:15 every other Friday}


The following information is for week ending 12/22/17.

Reading/ELA: This week we will be presenting our commercials on Tuesday and Wednesday.The novel, "Westward Expansion"  allows the students to choose a path from the choices of the early pioneers. The students will be creating a cereal and box to advertise their choice. 

There will be no spelling words this week!!
The pretest will be on Monday and the post-test will be on Friday. Any student that receives a 100 on the pretest will not take the post test. 
Math: We will continue Chapter 5, factors, multiples, and patterns. We will finish this short chapter (6 lessons), and the test will be on Wednesday! Please practice multiplication facts daily!
Science: We will begin our new unit, Motion of Waves and Light Reflection. An object can be seen when light scatters off its surface and enters the eye. Scattering is the sending of light in all directions off a surface or from a gas, like the air. Scattering of sunlight is why the sky is blue. The color you see depends on the color of the available light source as well as the properties of the surface. If a surface is sufficiently smooth so that light bounces off it in only certain directions, then the light is said to reflect off the surface. When light goes from one medium, like air, into another, like glass, it changes direction, which is called refraction. If the glass has the right shape, it can be used to magnify objects too small or too far away to be seen with the naked eye. Such pieces of glass are called lenses. Light travels in a straight line unless it hits a surface, where it can be totally absorbed, partially absorbed, scattered, reflected, or refracted (if the medium with that surface, like glass, lets it in). In the case of certain materials, such as wax paper, only a fraction of the light can pass through, therefore the paper and items such as it, are said to be translucent. When no light is able to pass, an object is considered opaque. When all light passes through an object or material, it is considered to be transparent.
Social Studies:  We will be starting our new unit on the U.S. Civil War.
~ By 12/19 We’re looking for donation of old Christmas cards for a secret project.  These can be old ones you’ve received, old ones that you forgot about, or former/present photo cards.
~ Polar Express Day is 12/22
~Winter Party 12/22 2-3pm
~Classes resumes 1/08/18
~ BOOK IT is due 1/09/18

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