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P.E. 9:40-10:15


P.E. 9:40-10:15 Art 10:15-10:50 (Every other Tuesday) Library 2:05-2:25


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P.E. 9:40-10:15 Music 11:25-12:00


P.E. 9:40-10:15 Music 11:25-12:00


September 18-22, 2017

Art Awareness-Our class is still in need of volunteers to help with the school's Art Awareness program.  A form about this was sent home with students last week. Volunteers come in once a month for a very short lesson and then students work on corresponding projects for the rest of that hour.  Please let me know if you can help out and I will send that infomation to Mrs. Prorok, the Art Awareness coordinator. Hopefully, our class will be able to participate and not rely on another classes' volunteers to double up.  Thanks in advance for considering this.

Reading/Language/Spelling-Students will continue to work on skills this week from last week's story, "Stormalong," which is a Tall Tale.  Some of the skills covered will be drawing evidence from literary texts, and referring to details in a text when making inferences and predictions.  We also plan on doing some more work with homophones.  In Language, students will continue doing work with the four types of sentences.  Ten of last week's vocabulary words are spelling words this week.  Students will be tested on Friday on the following words:

yearning     memorable     betrayed     condition     seafaring     shortage     tidal     outcast     foaming     horrified     lifestyle     tolerance     value     social     rules     it's   its     their     there     they're

Pumpkin Project-The 4th grade classes will be participating in the annual "Character Traits Pumpkin Project " once again this year.  Information about this project will be discussed on Monday in class and guidelines and the scoring rubric will be sent home.  The final project is due on October 24.  This gives students plenty of time to complete the project and to do a good job, as well.

Math-Our test on Chapter 1 "Place Value, Addition, and Subtraction has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 19.  We have already begun to review and will do more review in class on Monday.  Students should go over the lessons and use the Chapter Review Test to help them study. Also, please make sure your child is studying multiplication facts on a regular basis at home.  Much of what we do in Math relies on a strong foundation with multiplication skills.  

Social Studies-We will continue map skills this week. Future work includes learning about the states of the northeastern part of the United States and the explorers Lewis and Clark.

Science-Students have been learning about the steps of the Scientific Method.  See if they can tell you the mnemonic phrase used to help remember the six steps.  We will be learing about tools of inquiry in the near future and then begin a lesson on plants.

Quote-"Worry is an emotion that can never empty tomorrow of its problems, but it does empty today of its strength."

Secret Word-Occasionally, I will put a "secret word" on our web page, and those students who have it written down in their assignment notebook with their parent's signature next to it when they come in on Monday morning will be rewarded with a small treat (Lotto tickets, Mustang Manners, etc.) Please remember that it is a secret and should not be shared.  This week's secret word is: RESILIENCE  We will discuss the meaning of this word in class.

Thank you for regularly reading our classroom web page and for your continued support.     Sincerely, Mr. Jeffrey

              Be Responsible            Be Respectful              Be Safe

Important Dates

  • September 19, 2017 : Library
    Students go to the library every Tuesday and choose books to read in class and to take home. One of two books must be a chapter book. Students are expected to turn in books on time every week. Late books=missing work and will follow the same class guidelines for things not turned in on time. Thanks in advance for reinforcing responsibility at home.

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