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Student Attendance: 9:00 - 3:30

- I just wanted to welcome everyone to a brand new school year. At Indian Trail, we are going to exhibit respectful, responsible, and safe character traits. Students believe, achieve, and lead. This is the TRAIL WAY!


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For the week of Dec. 17-21, here is a tentative schedule for Skrobanski’s Superheroes:
 Our weather is changing.  Please be sure students have coats/jackets/sweaters, etc for outdoor recess.
*Here at Indian Trail we are following our expectations of respect, responsibility, and safety.  Our class is really focusing on listening to others before you talk.
*Please try to sign up for Remind for ITSCO!
Important Dates
Dec. 18-SHJH Holiday Tour
Dec. 19-Pajama Day for 4th grade!
Dec. 21-Last full day before Winter Break and SCO treat!
ELA-We are going to discuss different cultures and celebrations around the world and have a writing piece as well!
Spelling-Here are the spelling words for December 10-21. 
1.         holiday
2.         season
3.         cookies
4.         wreath
5.         decorations
6.         lights
7.         tree
8.         stocking
9.         ornament
10.       bells
11.       snowman
12.       snowflake
13.       garland
14.       penguin
15.       reindeer
16.       frozen
17.       sing
18.       winter
19.       cocoa
20.       presents
Math-We will potentially begin the next chapter on multiplying 2 by 2.  Students need to continue to practice their facts daily!
*We have been using this program called XtraMath to increase speed and accuracy in arithmetic here at school.  Students have also been utilizing math prodigy and front row now known as Freckle. From now until the end of the school year, each student will be spending some time at home each day practicing math on a computer, tablet, or phone.  The following morning, I will check in with the information to see the progress being made.  Students will be working Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and Thursday night!  If a student does not complete their XtraMath that night with the exception of being absent, a TRAILBLAZER letter will be taken.  Thank you for your support.
Science-We will have our summative on Sense Receptors Tuesday.  Students have various articles in their science notebook and have had a few formatives to help prepare for the summative.  Students also worked diligently on their Sense Receptors power point!  I am so proud of their hard work!
 If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call (815) 469-6993 or email me at

Important Dates

  • December 14, 2018 : The Indian Trail Winter Program
    You will receive 4 tickets per student to enter the program(young children do not need a ticket). Your tickets will go home on Dec. 10. There are two shows: 10 AM show for families with the last name beginning with A-L and a 1:30 PM show for families with the last names beginning with M-Z. Doors 12 and 13 will open approximately 30 minutes before show time.

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