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March 19 - 23, 2018
Be Respectful    Be Responsible    Be Safe
Dear Parents,
This is our last week of school before Spring Break.  Spring Break is the week of March 26th , and we are back in class April 3,, 2018.   When we return from Spring Break, we will be taking our PARCC Tests.  The first week will be reading and the second week will be math.  Please make sure your child is well rested, has a healthy breakfast, and brings a snack to school each day. 
Monday:  Math workbook
Tuesday:  Math workbook
Wednesday:  Reading Activity & Finish Spelling Worksheet, if not completed in class
Thursday:  Study for Spelling Test & Study for Social Studies Test (test may be Friday)
Friday:   Silent Read & Study Multiplication Facts
(Please note that this homework list that I prepare in advance can change slightly, and you should look at your child’s assignment notebook too.)
Monday:  PE (gym shoes) 
Tuesday:   PE (gym shoes)   First Day of Spring, Spring Pictures, Election Day
Wednesday:  PE (gym shoes) 
Thursday:  PE (gym shoes)  Third Quarter Ends & Fire Safety Day   
Friday:   PE (gym shoes) Hot Lunch & SPRING BREAK NEXT WEEK – NO SCHOOL
READING:  This week’s story is Two Bear Cubs and it is a play/myth.  There will not be a story test this week.   The skills are story structure, story message, and prefixes.
Vocabulary Words:  scolding, greedily, ignores, hesitation, burden, glancing, base, console, drowsy, heroic
SPELLING:   Spell words with oo sound.  There will be a pretest this week.   Spelling test is on Friday. 
Words:  mood, wooden, drew, smooth, blue, balloon, true, crooked, chew, tooth, hooves, cool, food, pooch, blew, foot, loose, jewel
ENGLISH:  Work on various writing activities this week &  D.L.R. (daily language review).
SCIENCE:   Working on Social Studies
SOCIAL STUDIES:   Wrap up The American Revolution with Chapters 4 &5.  Check the assignment notebook for test information.   
MATH:   Wrap up Chapter 9 Compare Fractions; there will not be time for a test on this chapter.  I will complete some short assessments in class however.   Continue studying multiplication facts. 
 Ms. Hand

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