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October 16-20, 2017

Be Respectful    Be Responsible    Be Safe


Dear Parents,

Students should be working on their multiplication facts nightly (flash cards, computer games, etc.) and silent reading.  This is part of the nightly homework. 



Monday:  Math workbook page

Tuesday:  Math workbook page

Wednesday:  Math workbook page, Read Bat Loves the Night to prepare for test, & Finish Spelling Worksheet if not completed in class

Thursday:    Math workbook page & Study for Spelling test


(Please note that this homework list that I prepare in advance can change slightly, and you should look at your child’s assignment notebook too.)


Monday:  PE (gym shoes)

Tuesday:   PE (gym shoes)  Club Picture Day & Candid Picture Day   

Wednesday:  PE (gym shoes)

Thursday:  PE (gym shoes)  AVIC (Art Volunteers in the Classroom)

Friday:   PE (gym shoes) & Library, Hot Lunch & Marble Jar Celebration – Wear pajamas to school and bring a small stuffed animal (has to be able to fit in backpack)


READING:  This week’s story is Bat Loves the Night, narrative nonfiction, and target skills are sequence of events, domain specific vocabulary, question, and suffixes able and ible .   The story test will be Thursday.  We spend two weeks on each story.

Voc. Words:  twitch, swoops, squeak, echoes, detail, slithers, snuggles, dozes

SPELLING:   Spell words with the long o sound.  Spelling activities will be worked on in class, and if they are not finished in class, they will go home to be completed.  The spelling test will be on Friday. 

Words:   way, these, niece, might, show, float, brain, mean, close, tried, cube, uniform, stayed, price, usually, scarecrow, pumpkin

ENGLISH:   Work on opinion writing  & D.L.R. (daily language review).

SCIENCE:   We will continue Stemscope -  Objects in Motion this week.

SOCIAL STUDIES:   We are working on Science.

MATH:   Continue Chapter 4 Multiplication Facts and Strategies.  Students will be making their own multiplication flash cards and learning each fact.  Practicing flash cards is highly encouraged. 

     If you have any questions, please let me know with a note, phone call, or an email.  Thank you and have a GREAT week!                             

        Ms. Hand

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