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Dana Wright

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Student Attendance: 9:00 - 3:30

Hi Families, Parents and Guardians, Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! It is already a busy and exciting one! Meeting your children is the best part! I am a 3rd/4th grade Specialized Instruction teacher for reading, language arts, and in some cases, math. My paraprofessional, Mrs. Spadoni, will be supporting your children in their homerooms for either Math, Science, or SS and/or in room 135 with me during specialized instruction. Students can earn rewards for making good decisions and turning in completed work and homework in our classroom. Mrs. Spadoni and I encourage and promote manners, communicating assertively, utilizing problem solving skills, and more independence as they are continually growing. Our classroom theme this school year is growth mindset. Your children will be learning about the brain and how it can grow by making mistakes, utilizing problem solving skills and strategies, and taking on difficult tasks (with support, of course)! Indian Trail School is promoting academic as well as, social/emotional learning. PBIS also supports social/emotional learning and practice. Looking forward to a fantastic school year! Please fill out the parent surveys being sent home this week and send them back to school with your child to me. Please read and keep the letter I am sending explaining that I am your child's teacher and case manger and tells a bit more about expectations and how we can communicate. Thank you! Reassessment Procedure: When a student receives a "D" or "F" on an asessment, I will reteach and practice the skill with the student. The student will then redo the questions or problems that were errors. As the weather is changing, please remember to dress appropriately. Students will be going outside for recess. It is always a good idea to have a sweatshirt or sweater available for the classrooms or outdoors. Thank you!


-Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year 3rd and 4th graders! Usually reading homework is to read a story or part of a story to an adult and discuss. Spelling homework is write the words 3x each due Wednesdays (Thursday if we are off school on that Monday). Please study the definitions of the reading vocabulary words each night. They are listed in the back of the reader and highlighted in the reading. We have math homework 3-4 times a week based on students' objectives and/or the chapter we are learning about. If the math homework is complicated and/or confusing to you, please PARENTS, write me a short note on the top of it and send it back. That is acceptable. PARENTS: Please look over your child's math homework after he or she has completed it to check it for accuracy. I really appreciate it! Thanks!

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This week in class


Read and review story and vocabulary for tests tomorrow!

New spelling list    HW: 3x each due on Wed.

Practice math facts.

Wear Hawaiin clothes tomorrow for Red Ribbon Week!


HW worksheet

Write spelling words 3x each due on Wednesday

Spelling test is Friday





HW practice math facts and math worksheet

Study spelling words and 3x each due today

 Spelling Test is Friday





Study for spelling test tomorrow!

Spelling packet must be complete by Friday or it is homework.

HW   practice math facts 




no homework except practice math facts: addition, subtraction, or multiplication

Spelling test today

No homework unless didn't finish spelling packet. Spelling homework only for those who did NOT complete classwork in a timely manner.



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Important Dates

  • September 6, 2018 : Curriculum Night at Indian Trail
    Please come visit us from 6:30-7:45 p.m.

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