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Be respectful, Be responsible, Be safe
 December 4-8
READING: Technology Wins the Game and Science for Sports Fans TEST THURSDAY
ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How Do inventions help athletes?
READING TARGETS: Students will sequence events and use graphic and text features to comprehend the selection
READING VOCABULARY: contribute, athletes, improve, power, process, flexible, fraction, compete
STELLAR SPELLER LIST: voice, oyster, voyage, annoy, choice, avoid, appoint, enjoy, moisture, noise, drown, amount, fountain, crowded, southwest, thousand, flour, pronounce TEST FRIDAY
    NO T.T.T. and Alternate Packet are due on THURSDAY
MATH: Chapter 1 Addition and Subtraction within 1,000
Image result for winter clip art Multiplication Quizzes: X7 Quiz WEDNESDAY, December 13.  There will be 100 problems on the quiz.  Students will have six minutes to complete the quiz with 70% or better.  They will be given three total chances to achieve this goal.  We will practice extensively in the classroom.  For some students, this will be enough.  For others, practice at home will be necessary.
ENGLISH: Five Paragraph Writing and VERBS                                                   
SCIENCE:  Electric and Magnetic Forces                         
SOCIAL STUDIES: Chapter 2: Life in the Colonies
STUDENT OF THE WEEK: Congratulations Gianna!
 STAR TESTING BEGINS:  We will test in the areas of reading and math.  Please encourage your child to do their very best on these assessments.  If you have any questions, please let me know.
***BOOK-IT:  December BOOK-IT due on or before Thursday, December 21st*** 
Clothing and the Weather:  Please be sure your child comes prepared for the weather. 
Our schedule: Monday PE, Tuesday PE, Technology, and Library, Wednesday PE and ART every other week, Thursday PE, and Music, Friday PE and Music.
***We have PE each morning at 9:00.  Be sure your child has his or her gym shoes on when they enter the building. ****
 December Birthdays
If you choose to bring treats, please ensure they are considered healthy by the standards set by the state of Illinois and our school board.  The list is available in our district handbook.  Some items to consider are
pencils, erasers, or stickers.   We have 23 students in our classroom
Upcoming event: Holiday Shoppe:  Our class will shop on Tuesday December 5 at11:15
November Book-It Readers: Ana, Kelsie, Maddie S., Thomas, R.J, Gianna, Miley, Adriana, and Reese.

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