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Be respectful, Be responsible, Be safe
December 10-14
READING: Balto: The Dog Who Saved Nome
ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How can people (and animals) make a difference in someone’s life?
READING TARGETS: Students will identify word relationships and discuss author’s purpose
READING VOCABULARY:  telegraph, drifts, temperature, guided, trail, splinters
STELLAR SPELLER LIST:  shot, chance, match, watch, showed, batch, sharp, shock, pushed, such, crash, chew, hitched, mush, speech, medicine, crutch, nurse, hospital TEST FRIDAY
    NO T.T.T.  and Alternate Packet are due on THURSDAY!
MATH: Chapter 1 Addition and Subtraction through 1,000       X7 ANDX8 Combined Quiz Wednesday
                   Multiplication Quizzes: The quizzes will consist of 100 problems.  Students will have six minutes to complete the quiz with a 70% or better.  They will have three tries to get 70% or better.  The quizzes are organized from factors 2-9.  Quizzes will be on Wednesdays.
ENGLISH: VerbsImage result for snow clip art
SCIENCE:   Electric and Magnetic Forces   
SOCIAL STUDIES: Trouble Begins
NWEA MAP TESTING THIS WEEK! We will do our Winter Testing on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  Please encourage your child to do their very best.
Indian Trail Winter Program: Our holiday program is Friday, December 14.  There are TWO performances; 10:00am for families with the last names beginning A-L, and families with last names beginning with M-Z your show begins at 1:30pm. You will receive 4 tickets for your family (small children do not need a ticket) You will receive your tickets Monday, December 10. Doors 12 and 13 open about 30 minutes before show time.
December BOOK-IT:  Due on or before December 21 for TWO prizes.  One prize will be a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut and the other is a mystery prize each month from me.  Happy Reading! 
Six Flags Read to Succeed: Read for 360 minutes and your child will receive a FREE ticket to Great America.  Your child received a recording sheet which is due on or before February 12. Happy Reading!
December Birthdays
Julia 4th
If you choose to bring treats, please ensure they are considered healthy by the standards set by the state of Illinois and our school board.  The list is available in our district handbook.  Some items to consider are pencils, erasers, or stickers.   We have 19 students in our classroom.


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