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In our quality physical education program, students learn: How to improve their overall fitness, To perform a variety of skills, To be responsible for their health and fitness, How to set achievable goals, To cooperate with others and accept responsibility for their own behavior, To socialize with their peers, And to be confident, independent and exhibit self-control.


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Grades 1-4:  Fitness activities




Grades 1-4:  Fitness activities





Grades 1-4: Fitness activities

Early Morning Workout Club -last club day!!!




Grades 1-4:Fitness Activities

Post Assessment for overhand throwing




Grades 1-4  Fitness Activities



Dear Parents,
May is National Physical Fitness and Sport Month, and this year’s theme; “Moving is a Learning Experience!” reminds us that physical education is an academic subject that is important to your child’s complete education as any other subject. Physical education provides children with the skills, knowledge and ability to practice any activity they choose! Recent studies have shown that physical activity can positively affect concentration, memory, and classroom behavior, and is consistently related to higher levels of self-esteem and lower levels of anxiety and stress. Combined, the effects of exercise contribute to your child having increased potential for personal and academic success at school.
Help us celebrate May by visiting your school to celebrate the importance of physical education in your child’s life. Observe a physical education class, volunteer at a field day event, or simply visit your child’s principal to share your support for physical education as the learning component of your child’s education that must be a part of every school day. Work with your child’s physical education teacher to create a culture of physical activity at the school for all students. Support you SCO in providing the resources to assist in developing comprehensive school activity programs at your school. Ask if your child participates in daily recess, daily physical education, and daily physical activity at school. All of these are essential components of the school day that serve different purposes in your child’s development. You are the advocate that will ensure that these programs are in place at your school!
With spring weather upon us, get outside and engage in physical activity with your family. Your child has learned new skills this year in physical activity with your family. Your child has learned new skills this year in physical education and worked to improve her/his level of physical fitness. A good question that you can ask your child about physical education is, “What types of activities have you learned that you can use outside of class?” Ask your child to share favorite physical activities and teach them to the entire family. It is a great way to have fun and improve health.
The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to offer parents tips for helping children to become more physically active at home and in the community.  Some ideas for home include incorporating physical activities into birthday parties  and family gatherings, giving gifts that encourage activity such as a jump rope, roller blades, or baseball glove, and assisting your child in selecting physically-active after school activities that match their interests. In the community, parents can assist their children in becoming more physically active by planning family outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and swimming, and taking advantage of recreational opportunities that exist in your community such as sport teams, dance, martial arts, or other organizations that involve physical activity and exercise.
Join us in making May both a moving, and learning experience, for all the special people in your family!
Mrs. L. Dusek
Physical Education Teacher

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