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Have a great year everyone! Check back here weekly to see what we are up to!

Posted : 2017-09-19 | Due on : 2018-06-02


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Hello Everyone,

Here is what is going on for the week of Oct. 16- Oct. 20 in our classroom:


~~~~~Reading and Language Arts~~~~~

We are continuing our Bat Loves the Night activities with some extension activities. We will be focusing on: prefixes and suffixes, sequence, close reading, compound sentences, and a short research about bats. Our grammar quiz this Friday focuses on compound sentences. We will also have our end of selection quiz on Thursday. This quiz is an open book test focusing on vocabulary and comprehension.



Our spelling words this week focus on words with short and long e.  The words are: then, else, edge, when, tenth, empty, sketch, spelling, easy, eager, sneakers, mean, fifteen, receive, piece, believe, people, squeeze.  Our test will be on Friday in part dictated sentence form and part words.



We are working on our 3s and 6s fact families this week. Please continue to practice your math bags.



We are working on our unit of Objects and Motion. We are learning about balanced and unbalanced forces and how forces shape what goes on around us.


~~~~~Social Studies~~~~~

We will be starting our next unit on Life in the Early Colonies soon.



Watch for our daily assignment notebooks.

Watch for WOW folders on Wednesdays.

Scheduled assignments and tests are tentative and are subject to change.


Thank you for being so supportive of your children and our school!

Any questions, concerns or happy thoughts, email me at



Mrs. Wandersen


Important Dates

  • October 6, 2017 : Half Day Inservice
  • October 9, 2017 : Columbus Day No School

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