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Posted : 2017-09-19 | Due on : 2018-06-02


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Winter Program



Hello Everyone,
            So far we are doing very well in all subjects.  I am proud of my 3rd graders!
Here is what is going on for the week of December 10-14 in our classroom:
We are taking the NWEA Map Benchmark computerized assessment this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. There is nothing to study, but get a good night's rest the night before.
~~~~~Reading and Language Arts~~~~~
We are continuing our next theme of Teamwork.  Our next story is Balto, a story of overcoming obstacles.  Our skills are: word relationships, making predictions, and identifying exact and collective nouns. We will have our unit test on Nouns on Friday.
Our spelling words this week focus on words with sh, ch, and tch.  The words are: shot, chance, match, watch, showed, shock, pushed, such, crash, chew, batch, hitched, sharp, mush, and speech.  Our test will be on Friday in part dictated sentence form and part words.
We are working on adding mentally with different strategies.  
We are starting our next unit on Magnets and Electricity. We are learning about the different types of electricity.
~~~~~Social Studies~~~~~
We are learning about the lives of the early colonists; how they lived, worked, dressed, and went to school.
The Indian Trail Winter Program is scheduled for December 14th. You will receive 4 tickets per student to enter the program (young children do not need a ticket.) Your tickets will go home on December 10th. There are two shows: 10:00am show for families with the last name beginning with A-L and a 1:30pm show for families with the last names beginning with M-Z. Doors 12 and 13 will open approximately 30 minutes before show time.
Don’t forget that the weather is starting to change. Please dress for the day by wearing a coat, hat, mittens, etc.
Watch for our daily assignment notebooks.
Watch for WOW folders on Wednesdays.
Scheduled assignments and tests are tentative and are subject to change.
Don’t forget to support our SCO! Please help our school by participating in our fundraisers. Join the SCO's Remind page for instant news!
Reassessment procedures for third grade:
Reassessments will be made available for summative tasks.
Students may do one retake for A, B, & Cs per quarter/per subject.  Students will then receive the second grade.
Students will also be allowed one retake for D and/or Fs.  Students will receive the second grade.  The new assessment guidelines allow for the lowest assessment grade to be a 50%, which is still failing (F).  For example, if a student receives a 27% on an assessment, a 50% will be entered in the gradebook.
A note will be sent home if a student will be taking a reassessment with the details such as the subject, when the reassessment is taking place, and tasks that need to be completed before the reassessment.
The request for reassessment should be made within two days of receiving the graded assessment.
Thank you for being so supportive of your children and our school!
Any questions, concerns or happy thoughts, email me at
Mrs. Wandersen

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