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Posted : 2018-10-22 | Due on : 2018-10-22

ELA Homework

Singular and Plural Nouns worksheet (both sides)

This week in class



Everglades Forever questions

Direct/Indirect objects summative test tomorrow


Reader's NB p. 87, 88, 90




Dear Parents, 
Here is what to expect this week for Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies:
Reading- We started reading Everglades Forever last week and will continue to discuss the story and skills related to it.  We will be focusing on author's purpose, homophones, and prefixes.
Vocabulary Words-  endangered, unique, adapted, vegetation, conserving, restore, guardians, attracted, regulate, responsibility
Language Arts-  We are going to finish up with direct and indirect objects, and the summative assessment for this skill will be on Wednesday.  We will then move on to conjunctions!
Spelling words-  steel, steal, aloud, allowed, ring, wring, lesson, lessen, who's, whose, manor, manner, pedal, peddle, berry, bury, hanger, hangar, overdo, overdue
Social Studies-   We are finishing up with the French and Indian War this week and completing chapter 7 in our textbook.  Look for a study guide to go home soon to cover the summative test next week!

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  • December 13, 2018 : Treat Day

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