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Principal: Laura C. Goebel
Assistant Principal: Maura K. Carroll

  School Hours

Office Hours: 8:00am-3:55pm
Teacher Hours: 8:10am-3:10pm
Student Hours: 8:20am to 2:50pm*
Half-Day Student Hours: 8:20am-11:30am
* Activity Dismissal: 3:55pm


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This week in class







Hi Parents, 

Here is a look at this upcoming week...

Reading-  We will continue reading A Royal Mystery, which is a play.  We will be focusing on the elements of of drama, characterization, and prefixes.  A test for this story and its skills will be on Friday.

Vocabulary Words-  discomfort, primitive, interior, honored, secretive, immersed, bungled, contagious, brandishing, imprinted

Spelling words for Friday's test-  awake, feast, stray, greet, praise, disease, repeat, display, braces, thief, ashamed, sleeve, waist, beneath, sheepish, release, remain, sway, training, niece

Language Arts-  Types of Sentences

Math-  We will continue working multiplication with one and two-digit numbers.

Science-  We will be wrapping up our first unit about plant growth this week, and will be reviewing important vocabulary and concepts.

Social Studies-  We will be reading about the government in the Virginia colony and discussing the motivations of the Pilgrims.

Important Dates

  • September 20, 2017 : PBIS Popcorn
  • September 21, 2017 : Midterm Reports
  • September 29, 2017 : Hot Lunch
  • October 6, 2017 : 1/2 day (Teachers' Institute)
  • October 9, 2017 : No School (Columbus Day)
  • October 12, 2017 : Treat Day

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