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Welcome to the wonderful world of fourth grade! I am looking forward to a fantastic school year!
Happy Birthday to our February students! :)
February Birthdays:
27th - Mrs. Froeschle
28th - Nicholas B.!
"It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." - J.K. Rowling
"I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul." - William Ernest Henley

Posted : 2017-10-16 | Due on : 2018-02-16

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This week in class


9:05-9:40: PE

12:25 - 1:05: RECESS / LUNCH


9:05-9:40: PE

9:40-10:15: ART (during Art weeks)

12:25 - 1:05: RECESS / LUNCH


9:05-9:40: PE

12:25 - 1:05: RECESS / LUNCH


9:05-9:40: PE

10:50 - 11:25: MUSIC

12:25 - 1:05: RECESS / LUNCH


9:05-9:40: PE

10:50 - 11:25 MUSIC

12:25 - 1:05: RECESS / LUNCH



                                                    Week of: Feb. 19-23
                                    Student of the Week: None this week!
READING:  This week we will conclude our novel study. The novel is Number the Stars.   We will also be working on PARCC practice this week.  Skills: Figurative Language, Compare and Contrast, Narrative Elements, Imagery, Vocabulary Skills, Predicting, Foreshadowing, Point of View, and Research Skills    
LANGUAGE:  This week we will continue our journey through Unit 3!  This unit has us focusing on verbs!  We will identify verbs within our readings this week.                                                                                                                                  
SPELLING:  None this week! 
MATH:  This week we will begin our journey through Chapter 7.  Chapter 7 has us adding and subtracting fractions.
  * Please note:  You will see other skill packets come home on various topics in math.  This is being done in order to help students prepare for the PARCC assessment in March.
                                        Reminder: M&M worksheet due Friday! 
SCIENCE:  We will continue our journey through Energy and Speed. 
SOCIAL STUDIES: This week we will continue our journey into The Civil War.  We will talk about the Fugitive Slave Act and Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  We will also continue studying our next region – the Midwest!  Living Museum speeches will be written this week.  If your child had any research left to complete – he/she was asked to complete it over the weekend!

  • Next Week:  Midwest Region Test
    C.E. for Quarter 3 - Due dates will vary.  Please be aware of your due date! 
  1. Reminder:  Library is every Wednesday!  Please be sure to have your books on this day!
  2. Student of the Week:  Packets have been sent home!  Due dates will vary.  Please be aware of your due date!  We look forward to learning about each of you!
  3. Fourth Grade Living Museum:  Fourth grade students will host two Living Museums.  One will be on Thursday, March 8th for the classes of FS.  Parents/families are welcome to attend our second showing on Friday, March 9th from 2:00-3:15pm.  Please help your child plan his or her attire.  We will complete the rest of the assignment in school!
  4. Supplies:  Many students are running out of supplies.  Please talk with your child and see if he/ she needs to replenish their markers, colored pencils, crayons, or pencils!  Thank you!
  5. Assembly:  On Friday afternoon we will attend a reptile assembly!
  6. Scholastic Book Orders:  Book orders are due no later than Friday, February 23rd!
                                                   Have a great week! 

Important Dates

  • February 19, 2018 : No School - Presidents Day!
  • February 23, 2018 : Reptile Assembly

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