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If your child receives a D or F on any test or quiz, it needs to be signed by a parent and returned to school the next day. Every child will have the opportunity to retake a test or quiz once. The most current grade will remain the new grade. Depending on how long the test or quiz is, students may retake it in sections. A retake may look like a written test, a narrative, or even an oral test restating the correct or right way to do the problem.

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McGreehin Mania
Week of February 18th- February 22
Friday- Math Chapter 7 Test
*********Important Dates *******
2/18 No School
2/19  STARS meeting 3:40
2/20 Read Across America forms due
2/22 Flag Friday / SHEF Pizza Day
ELA: Our study for the next two weeks will include the novel, "The Life and Times of the Ant". The essential question asks, How do living things each have an important role in the world?
 Vocabulary Wordssocial, exchanges, excess, reinforce, storage, transport, chamber, scarce, obstacles, transfers.
Spelling Words: turkey, lonely, colony, steady, hungry, valley, hockey, starry, melody, movie, duty, drowsy, chimney, plenty, daily, alley, fifty, empty, injury, praire. 
Challenge Words: envy, jelly, sticky, worry, curly.
Spelling Pattern/Skill:  Words that have the final e sound.
Grammar: Participles and focusing on adding details to our narrative writings.
Math:   Chapter 7 Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Vocabulary: Associative Property of Addition, Communtative Property of Addition, denominator , fraction, mixed number, numerator, simplest form, unit fraction. 
Science:  We will continue our unit on the  Earths surface. Learning about all the changes on our earths surface and starting our unit off with rock patterns. 
Social Studies: Important Figures during the Civil War. 
Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Kostro

Important Dates

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