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If your child receives a D or F on any test or quiz, it needs to be signed by a parent and returned to school the next day. Every child will have the opportunity to retake a test or quiz once. The most current grade will remain the new grade. Depending on how long the test or quiz is, students may retake it in sections. A retake may look like a written test, a narrative, or even an oral test restating the correct or right way to do the problem.

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P.E. 9:40-10:15 Music 10:50-11:25


P.E. 9:40-10:15


P.E. 9:40-10:15 Music 10:50-11:25


P.E. 9:40-10:15 Technology Integration 10:30-11:30


P.E. 9:40-10:15 Art 10:15-10:50 (every other week) Library 12:00-12:20


 McGreehin Mania
Room 109 October 22nd - October 26th    
ELA: Our new story is Invasion from Mars. Our essential question is how are performances similar to and different from written stories? Verbs and suffixes –y and –ous will be our focus in English.
Vocabulary Words: alarmed, reacted, convey, daring, awe, luminous, indescribable, extraordinary, fade, conferring
Spelling Words:  bunch, fruit, argue, crumb, crew, tune, juice, refuse, truth, young, clue, trunk, amuse, suit, rude, trust, dew, stuck, rescue, brush
Spelling Pattern/Skill: Vowel Sound Short u
Math: Chapter 3 is going well!  Essential question: What strategies can you use to multiply 2-digit numbers? Chapter Vocabulary: compatible numbers, Associative Property, Commutative Property, estimate, partial product, product, and regroup.
Science: We are wrapping up Sense Receptors. Study guide will come home Tuesday, 10/23 and Test Thursday, 10/25.
***Our upcoming experiment will also need some craft items. If you have any lying around at home, we would appreciate sending them in this week by 10/25! Some examples are:
-pom poms, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, feathers, small Styrofoam balls, packing peanuts, googly eyes, yarn, etc.????
Social Studies: We will continue our Westward Expansion unit, focusing on the Trail of Tears and the Alamo.
~10/25 End of Quarter
~10/22 Red Ribbon Week starts
~ 10/31 Halloween Parade
   Parties to follow
Have a fabulous week!
Mrs. McGreehin                  

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