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P.E. 9:40-10:15 Music 10:50-11:25


P.E. 9:40-10:15


P.E. 9:40-10:15 Music 10:50-11:25


P.E. 9:40-10:15 Technology Integration 10:30-11:30


P.E. 9:40-10:15 Art 10:15-10:50 (every other week) Library 12:00-12:20


 McGreehin Mania
Room 109 December 18th-22nd   
ELA: We will continue working on our Cereal Box book reports.  Commercial Day will be 12/20 and/or 12/21 depending on when we complete the project. 
Spelling Words:  manifest, destiny, wagon, disease, agreement, cholera, continue, territory, cascade, shortcut, butcher, suggest, anxious, sawmill, exhausted, crowded, approaches, railroad, president, stampede, cowboys, anything, plunged, ingredient, animal
Spelling Test on 12/21
Math: We have completed Chapter 5 Factors, Multiples, and Patterns. Study guides will be completed on 12/18 and test on 12/19.  Our Essential Question is How can you find factors and multiples, and how can you generate and describe numbers patterns? Please practice multiplication and division facts daily!
Vocabulary: factor, divisible, common factor, common multiple, composite number, prime number, pattern, term
Science: We will continue exploring  Motion of Waves and Light Reflection.Social Studies: We will begin talking about our new exciting unit of the Civil War.
~ By 12/19 We’re looking for donation of old Christmas cards for a secret project.  These can be old ones you’ve received, old ones that you forgot about, or former/present photo cards.
~ Polar Express Day is 12/22
~Winter Party 12/22 2-3pm
~Classes resumes 1/08/18
~ BOOK IT is due 1/09/18 Related image
Have a fabulous week!
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