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                                          Mrs. Cissell’s Circular                                                
                                        February 18th – 22nd, 2019
This Week’s Lessons:
English Language Arts (ELA):   We’ll continue reading the trickster tale “Tops and Bottoms.”  Our focus skill is determining the theme of a story and our focus strategy is visualizing.  We will also review idioms and homophones. 
Spelling words: (test next week):  hole, whole, its, it’s, hear, here, won, one, our, hour, their, there, fur, fir, peace, piece
Vocab Words: risky, grunted, profit, crops, plucked, scowled, tugged, hollered
Grammar:  Quotation marks and the punctuation near them
Math:   We’re moving onto our 2nd fractions chapter, where we'll be comparing fractions with different denominators and numerators.  If your child hasn’t mastered their multiplication facts, please make sure he/she practices 10 minutes a day because we will use those skills when working with fractions. There are lots of game websites listed down below to help the students practice their facts while having fun. We have been using Xtra Math, Freckle, Arcademicskillbuilders, and Prodigy in class, so your child should have their login information in his/her assignment notebook.
Social Studies:  Since the Revolutionary War is over, we will learn about the Treaty of Paris and what happened after the colonies gained their freedom.  We will complete a study guide and take our test next week. 
Science:   We’re continuing our scope called “Inheritance and Variation of Traits.”  We're going to look at how some traits are inherited by offspring, while other characteristics may be different. 
Important Dates:
Wednesday: Erin's Law Presentation
Wednesday:  AVIC
Thursday:  Story/voca/grammar quiz
Friday:  Spelling Test
Link for parent resources:
We are always interested in having our parents in the classroom, so if you would like to come in to talk to the class about your job or hobby, we would love to have you.  This invitation is open to grandparents, aunts, and uncles as well.  Please contact me at school or through my email to set up a date and time.  J

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