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Mrs. Cissell’s Circular   
                                                December 18th- 21st, 2017
This Week’s Lessons:
We’re looking for donation of old Christmas cards for a secret project.  These can be old ones you’ve received, old ones that you forgot about, or former/present photo cards.  If you’ve thrown your old ones away, you can purchase some cheaply at the dollar stores. Each student will need 10.  Please send them in by Wednesday.
            Spelling: (Westward Expansion Unit list) Our test will be on Wednesday.
railroad, Sioux, warrior, cowboy, miner, expansion, pioneer, settler, farmer, cattle, buffalo, stampede, journey, reservation, cholera, sickness, hunting, tepees, paths, adventures      
Math:  We finished Chapter 5 “Factors, Multiples, and Patterns” this week.  Our review will be on Monday for our test on Tuesday.  It is so important for your child to know their basic multiplication facts through 12 x 12 in order to be successful in Math.  They should know these facts automatically. There are several games listed in “Cool Links” below as well as many free apps for practicing them. 
Social Studies:  The students are putting the final touches on their Cereal Box Book Reports.  We’ll begin recording our commercials on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We’re also going to read up on the Transcontinental Railroad and the effects it had on our country.  
Science:  We’re still learning about all kinds of waves (light, radio, microwave, sound, x-rays, etc.). 
Important Dates:
Tuesday:  Math Test
Wednesday:  Spelling Test
Friday:  Holiday Party
Winter Break:  December 22nd – January 7th
I hope your Winter Break brings you lots of time to spend relaxing and enjoying family time!  I’m looking forward to a great 2018 with your children! 
Link for parent resources:
We are always interested in having our parents in the classroom, so if you would like to come in to talk to the class about your job or hobby, we would love to have you.  This invitation is open to grandparents, aunts, and uncles as well.  Please contact me at school or through my email to set up a date and time.  J

Important Dates

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