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                                                               Mrs. Cissell’s Circular    
                                                               December 10th - 14th 
This Week’s Lessons:
English Language Arts (ELA): 
We will be working on a poetry unit this week. We'll be reviewing the structure of poems as well as discussing rhythm and figurative language.  The students will be writing various styles of poems.  
Additionally, the students have picked out a non-fiction book to complete their graphic organizer for a book report.  All work for the book reports will be done in class and they have a rubric to use to check if they've completed everything.  These are due by November 20th so they can prepare to present their report.  
Spelling words: (Test next week)  clown, round, bow, cloud, power, crown, thousand, crowd, sound, count, powder, blouse, frown, pound, house, found, mountain, coward.
Math:   We’re in our first division chapter!  We'll be learning different strategies to help them visualize dividing.  It’s very important for your child to know their multiplication facts automatically, so I recommend practicing a little every day.  There are lots of game websites listed down below to help the students practice their facts while having fun. We have been using Xtra Math, Freckle, Arcademicskillbuilders, and Prodigy in class, so your child should have their login information in his/her assignment notebook.
Social Studies:  We're going to start up again with our prelude to the Revolutionary War.  We're going to discuss patriots and loyalists and think about which side of the war they would like to support.  We're also going to discuss the importance of Paul Revere's "Midnight Ride".
Science:  We’re finishing our Weather and Climate scope.  We'll complete a study guide and the test will be on Thursday. 
Important Dates:
Tuesday:  Holiday Show!  (Please bring in a canned good to donate to the Food Pantry)
Thursday: Science Test
Link for parent resources:
We are always interested in having our parents in the classroom, so if you would like to come in to talk to the class about your job or hobby, we would love to have you.  This invitation is open to grandparents, aunts, and uncles as well.  Please contact me at school or through my email to set up a date and time.  

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