Walker School

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  7260 North Avenue, Frankfort, IL, 60423
 Phone (815) 469-4330


Principal: Dr. Daniel C. Pierson
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Jennifer Winefka
Assistant Principal: Mr. Joseph Palicki

  School Hours

Office Hours: 7:25am - 3:55pm
School Hours: 7:50am - 2:20pm


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This week in class


7th Grade:  NWEA

HW: AR Due Friday


8th Grade: NWEA

HW: AR Due Friday


8th Grade: NWEA; Library; Night Wrap-up

HW: AR Due Friday


7th Grade: NWEA; Library; Outsiders Ch. 7

HW: AR Due Friday




8th Grade: Night Summative Assessment; Argumentative Outline

HW: AR due Friday


7th Grade: Outsiders - Ch. 7 Lit Circles; Read Ch. 8; Argumentative and Claims

HW: Vocab WB Choosing The Right Word


HW: Project and Essay due Friday


8th Grade:  Night Project; Argumentative Outline & Rough Draft

HW: AR Due tomorrow


7th grade: Outsiders - Ch. 8 Lit Circles, Read CH. 9; Continue Argumentative Prewriting

HW: AR Due tomorrow


8th grade:  Night Project; Argumentative Rough Draft

HW: Rough Draft due Wednesday


7th grade:  Outsiders - Ch. 9 Lit Circles, Finish reading novel; Argumentative Outline

HW: Argumentative Outline due Tuesday


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Mr.Scott Chromcak

Mr. Scott Chromcak
7th And 8th Grade - Language Arts