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Welcome to 4th grade! We are respectful, responsible, and safe!


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PE @10:15-10:50


PE @10:15-10:50

ART (A weeks only) @10:50-11:15 


LIBRARY @9:30-9:50

PE @10:15-10:50


TECHNOLOGY @9:15-10:15

PE @10:15-10:50

MUSIC @2:25-3:00


PE @10:15-10:50

MUSIC @1:50-2:25


Nunley News

Room 125 November 13th-17th

  ELA: Our story continues to be:  Coming Distractions. Our essential question is:  how are movies a form of communication? Verbs tenses will be our focus in English.  

Reading test:  Friday 11/17!

Vocabulary Words: entertaining, promote, focus, advertise, jolts, critics, target, thrilling, angles, generated

Quiz: Thursday 11/16

Spelling Words:  bloom, cookbook, tool, shampoo, put, wool, stool, proof, prove, group, brook, foolish, bush, crooked, booth, raccoon, hook, groom, roof, soup

Skill quiz:  Thursday 11/16

Challenge Words: bulletin, cocoon, cushion proofread, marooned

Spelling Dictation Test Friday 11/16

Spelling Pattern/Skill: Vowel Sounds oo

Math: We have started Chapter 4- Division!  Please keep practicing basic facts daily!

Science: We will continue learning about Sense Receptors.  Our test will be around the 1st of December!

Social Studies: We will continue learning about Westward Expansion and how it crreated tension between some of the states!

Don't forget conferences are on 11/20 and 11/21!

Mrs. Nunley

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