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Welcome to 4th grade! We are respectful, responsible, and safe!


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Room 125
February 19th-23rd
ELA: Our new story is, The Earth Dragon Awakes: The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.
Essential Question: How do natural disasters affect people? 
Vocabulary Words: trembles, wreckage, tenement, crushing, rubble, slab, possessions, debris, timbers, constructed
Spelling Words: rising, traced, stripped, slammed, dancing striped, winning, snapping, bragging, handled, dripped, begged, dared, skipped, hitting, spotted, raced, dimmed, spinning, escaped, urged, striving, whipped, breathing, quizzed, changing, joking, swimming, wrapped, tapping
5x's each and a Pre-test 2/22 Thursday
Math: Chapter 7 Adding and Subtracting Fractions is going well.  Our test will be on Friday 2/23! Study! Study! Study those basic facts! 
Science:  We will have our test on Energy and Speed on Wednesday 2/21!  We already completed our study guides, so make sure to study!
Social Studies: We will continue to learn about Abraham Lincoln and begin learning about abolitionists. 
Remember no school on Friday 2/16 and Monday 2/19!
Have a great, long weekend,
Mrs. Nunley

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