Summit Hill School District 161

Churchpark Convent

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  20027 88th Ave., Frankfort, IL, 60423
 Phone (815) 464-2034


Principal: Colin Bradley
Assistant Principal: Tracy Bulfer

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Early Childhood AM - 8:30am-11:00am Early Childhood PM- 12:00pm-2:30pm Early Childhood Individualized Instruction 8:30am-2:30pm Kindergarten 8:45am-2:15pm First through Fourth Grades: 9:00 - 3:30

-Dr. Julian Rogus School
Mission - Rogus School Mission is to educate children in a nurturing environment.
Vision - Rogus School vision is to create a community where children are loved for who they are and challenged to aim high.
Values - We value Acceptance, Belonging, and Community.


Reassessment clarification can be found under downloads in my Curriculum Night Packet.

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Specials: P.E., Art (Every Other Week), and Music


Specials: P.E. and Music


Specials: P.E.


Specials: P.E. and Technology


Specials: P.E. and Library


Balta’s Bulletin
October 5, 2018
Reading-Next week we will be reading the story How Animals Communicate.  Our skills will focus on reading words with short /i/, blends with /r/, words ending in /-ip/, identifying the main idea and details, making predictions, using a glossary, and writing with commas in a series.  Wow!  We will be busy! J
I will be testing the kids over the high frequency words from the last three stories on Tuesday, October 9th. 
Math-We will continue to work on addition strategies in chapter 3.
Science-We will be working on a new scope, called Seasonal Patterns, for the rest of this quarter.   
Social Studies-Map skills will be our focus for the next few weeks.  The kids are learning about symbols, map keys, and how to get from place to place using north, south, east, and west.
Centers-We started centers!  The kids love center time.  I really enjoy this part of our day as well.  During center time, I pull small groups of children to work on skills/read at their level.  You may see a book from our group time coming home for homework.
Fire Prevention-Mokena Fire Department will be visiting DJR next week.  We will be learning about fire safety on Tuesday, October 9th. 
**My family has a wedding to attend in Colorado next week.  I’ll be out of the building the last part of the week.  I will check my email when I can.  If you need something urgently, please contact the office. 
Upcoming Important Dates:
Oct. 8th-No School
Oct. 9th-Fire Prevention
Oct. 11th-Treat Day
Have a great weekend!
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