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October 22 – 26
We have a busy week ahead!
As a reminder, our field trip to Naper Settlement is on Wednesday.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.  We will be outside most of the time.  Also, please make sure your child does not bring anything with peanuts in their lunch.  Your child should also bring their lunch in a bag rather than their lunch box.
A letter went home explaining all of the activities we will be doing this week as a part of Red Ribbon Week.  Today, students will “travel” to a different location of the school and write about good choices they should make during their life.  On Tuesday, the students will dress like tourists and make post cards showing what they would like to do when they grow up. On Wednesday, students will wear red and complete activities about safe and healthy choices.  On Thursday students will write about the people and things they are thankful for.  On Friday, students may bring a stuffed animal to school and they will travel to a different lunch table to make a new friend.  We hope the students enjoy all of these activities and remember to always make good, healthy choices.
All of the kids write in their assignment notebooks daily.  This is done to communicate assignments, reminders, etc. with you.  Please go over your child’s assignment notebook and sign it each day.  If you notice any materials not coming home, please notify me right away.  We complete the assignment notebooks together and pack up materials together.  If your child needs further assistance, I will arrange for them to check out with me each day.
Looking for fun, extra practice for your child at home?  In class, the students have been  introduced to Raz Kids (username mbussema0), XtraMath, Prodigy, and  Your child has password information for xtramath in their assignment notebook and should know how to log on to the rest.  Links are on my web page also!
 A brief description of what we will cover this week is below.
ELA--- We will be reading Bat Loves the Night. We will focus on sequence of events this week.  We will also be working on plural nouns this week.   There will be a spelling test on Friday.
On Thursday, October 11th, your child should have checked out a fiction book from the library.  This book should be at their reading level.  Each child has been given their reading level based on their NWEA test.  They should be reading from this book each night.  They will need to have the book read by Monday, October 22nd.  We will be working on the book report together in class on Monday. 
Students should be reading at home each night.  A reading log for Book It, a reading program through Pizza Hut, went home last week.  Every day that your child reads 20 minutes, they should color in the picture for that day.  If they complete reading for the whole month, they will earn a free personal pan pizza.  I encourage all students to participate.
Math--- The test on Chapter 3 is on Monday.  Students brought home their review packet which I went over with them in class on Friday.  They should have reviewed this over the weekend to help them prepare for the test. 
We will begin chapter four this week which also deals with multiplication.  This week we will focus on multiplying by 2, 4, 5, 10, 3, and 6.
Students should study math facts each night.  We have started making multiplication flash cards.  Each day students will take a 1-minute multiplication test.  All students took the tests on multiplying by 1. As they pass one, they will move on to the next.  They will take multiplication tests in this order:  1, 2, 5, 10, 4, 11, 9, 3, 6, 7, 8, 12.  Please check in with your child to see where they are. 
Social Studies--- We will continue talking about the colonial life this week.  On Monday, students will complete a review sheet on chapter 1 of their American Revolution books.  On Tuesday, there will be a quiz on chapter 1.  Students will be allowed to use their books.
Science---  We will wrap up our unit on electric and magnetic forces.  Students will complete a study guide in school and the test will be on Friday.

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