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Essay Questions for Chapter 1 Test: 1. You are going to write an essay about the First Americans. First, Explain how the early Americans arrived here. Then, explain why they came during the Ice Age. Next, explain how these nomads survived. Finally, explain why these nomads eventually became farmers. End your essay with a conclusion sentence. 2. Write about the Maya, Aztec and Inca civilizations - You must pick TWO of those civilizations and write about each of them First write an introduction sentence telling me which 2 civilizations you will write about. Then write 3-4 sentences about one of the civilizations. (could be way of life, capital city, what they farmed and traded, their religion. * Remember Section 2 graphic organizer) Now tell me about the other in 3-4 sentences. Finally, write a conclusion sentence. Good Luck

Posted : 2017-08-30 | Due on : 2017-09-01

Science Safety Labs Due signed and returned

This week in class


9/25 Social Studies: go over Friday's test, beginning Chapter 4 Life in the Colonies and setting up I.A.N. for Chapter 4 - Pre-Test Colonies 9/25 Science- We have been reviewing graphing- bar and line graphs- Summative Test today :) Good Luck


9/26- Social Studies- We will be meeting with the SHJH support staff today on the topic of Bully Prevention 9/26- Science- finish up graphing summative for those that may need a few more minutes and starting our M&M lab


9/27 Social Studies- Chapter 4 Section 1 pages 88-95 - working in I.A.N. to organize information as a class 9/27 -Science- Working on writing up our Scientific Method of the M&M Lab


9/28- Social Studies- Finishing up Chapter 4 Section 1 lesson 9/28- Science- we will be creating templates for scientific method and inserting the M&M lab info into the computers. PLEASE BRING FLASH DRIVES!!!


9/29- Social Studies- Chapter 4 Section 2 pg. 98-103 - organizing notes in I.A.N, 9/29- Science- inserting graphing in excel to our scientific method templates.


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  • September 21, 2017 : Chapter 1 Social Studies Test

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