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Dana Wright

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Welcome to resource! My name is Mrs. Webster and I will be your resource teacher this year. In my career, I have taught for 15 years in Early Childhood and 3 years in Kindergarten. I am a mom of two, Nathan 12 years old and Riley is almost 9 years old. I will be working each week with your child on his/her goals noted in their IEP. We will work within their classroom or a smaller class setting and we will use multisensory approaches to help each child meet his or her fullest potential. Each child will have a resource folder that will be sent home after each session. You can review what we have worked on in our session and complete any homework that your child may have. We will be working on skills that reflect what they are learning in class and also those noted on their IEP. If you have any questions or concerns ever, please send me an e-mail at an email will be the best form of communication as I will be traveling each day. I look forward to working with your child and you this year. During a session, each student will have the opportunity to earn a "Step Towards Success"! This means that each session a students is able to work, listen, and try their hardest; they will earn a step. Once the student earns 6 steps, they will have the opportunity to choose a fun activity from the prize list. Throughout the year we will increase the number of steps the children will need to earn a prize!

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