News from the Superintendent

September 2023
Summit Hill School District 161 Parents and Guardians,
When you were a child, did you ever have the experience of standing at the top of a hill, determined to roll down, laying in the grass, tucking in your arms, and straightening out your legs…and over the edge you went? It probably started slow, but as you rolled further down the hill, your speed began to pick up, as did the joy of the experience.
Or perhaps you’ve been in a swimming pool when a whirlpool was formed? By getting everyone moving in the same direction, a current is created. The direction is cast, the work is put in, and after a while, the movement is strong enough to carry you along.
What I’m describing is Momentum. Momentum demands movement. You can try to push against it, exerting a greater than equal force in an attempt to slow it down, or you can lean into it and help to move it forward, faster, achieving goals and milestones at a much faster clip.
Here at Summit Hill, we can feel the #161Momentum. The test scores of our students are improving, their achievements in athletics and extracurricular activities continue to earn accolades, and the work of our staff is being recognized with state-level awards.
Together, this year, we are creating an incredible amount of Momentum. We’re not waiting around for anyone else. We, Summit Hill School District 161, are forging our own path. It takes courage. It takes togetherness. And it’s going to continue to take us all. Here’s to a wonderful year!

Dr. Paul McDermott
Your Superintendent