Outerwear Guidelines

  •   NO Coats
    •   NO Jackets
      •   NO Gloves
        •   NO Sunglasses
          •   NO Hats
            •   NO Other Head Coverings
              •   The above may be worn when the student is directly leaving or entering the building.

                Lower Body Guidelines

                •    NO sagging shorts of pants
                  •   NO pants or jeans with holes above the knee
                    •   NO pajama pants
                      •   Pants must be securely fastened at the waist
                        •   Skirts and shorts must be to the fingertips regardless of additional legwear underneath
                          •   Students need to be covered from the shoulder to the mid-thigh region

                            Upper Body Guidelines

                            •   NO Tube tops
                              •   NO Halters
                                •   NO See-through shirts
                                  •   NO Mesh shirts
                                    •   NO Tank tops
                                      •   NO Sleeveless shirts
                                        •   NO Crop tops
                                          •   Exposure of cleavage or midriff


                                            Any shirt that meets these three guidelines:

                                            • Neckline must be no more than 3" from the collarbone
                                              • Clothing covers from the shoulder down
                                                • Shows no cleavage or skin

                                                  Footwear Guidelines

                                                  •   NO Shoes with built-in wheels
                                                    •   NO Slippers
                                                      •   NO Shoes that cause markings or damage floors
                                                        •   Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times
                                                          •   Shoes with backs are preferred
                                                            •   Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times
                                                              •   Shoes with backs are preferred

                                                                Bag Guidelines

                                                                •   Backpacks or large bags/purses are not allowed in the classroom unless an accommodation is noted
                                                                  •   If books can fit into the bag, it is unable to be used in the classroom
                                                                    •   Backpacks or large bags/purses are allowed to be brought TO AND FROM school
                                                                      •   All belongings must fit into the student's assigned location (i.e., locker, coat rack, cubby)