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20912 Frankfort Square Rd.
Frankfort, IL 60423
Phone:  (815) 469-6993


Dana Wright

  School Hours

Student Attendance: 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

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Indian Trail School creates a safe environment to support and challenge children. Children, together with the parents and community, learn respect for self and others as the foundation is laid to develop their full potential.


Indian Trail School
20912 S. Frankfort Square Rd., Frankfort, IL 60423
Phone: (815) 469-6993
Principal: Dana Wright

Student Attendance: 9:00 - 3:30
Half-day Hours: 9:00 - 12:10

Curriculum Night
Family Book Fair

Arrival and Dismissal Procedure

Arrival Times

  •   Student Drop-off time is 8:50-8:59 (no supervision prior to 8:50)
    •    From 8:50-8:59, students enter the school using doors 15 and 11 and bus riders use door 6
      •   Students arriving after the 9:00 tardy bell MUST enter the school through the main entrance and be accompanied by an adult

        Exit Doors

        •   First Graders exit door 15
          •   Second Graders exit door 11
            •   Third Graders exit door 11
              •   Fourth Graders exit door 15

                Be respectful to all Trailblazer students and staff. Children often times like to run around while they are waiting, please do not allow them to run through the landscaping or play by the school sign.

                Drop-Off and Pick-Up

                •   Drive slowly
                  •   Do not use your cell phone (state law)
                    •   Remain in your car while in the circle drive and allow your child to get out of the car as soon as the sidewalk begins
                      •   Pull forward as far as you can without blocking the crosswalks
                        •   Dogs must stay on the sidewalk close to the school sign
                          •   Set a good example for students
                            •   Follow all directions given by the staff


                              •   Feel free to park in a designated parking space, exit the car and escort your child back to the car
                                •   Refrain from double parking or parking in no parking zones
                                  •   If you park and/or walk to pick up your child, stand close to the exit doors, so your child can see you easily and be quickly escorted to the car or crossing guard

                                    Peanut Allergies

                                    At Indian Trail School, we are implementing a health and safety program for anaphylactic children. These anaphylactic children have a life-threatening allergy to peanuts, tree nuts, and lentils. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all students in each of their individual circumstances. As a school community it is important to support each other. One of the great things about Summit Hill School District #161 is the partnership we have with our families and in our community. We are asking for your assistance in providing a safe learning environment for all of our students who have life-threatening peanut allergies. To reduce the risk of exposure, we are asking that food products containing peanut, tree nut, or lentils not to be brought in to school for class activities such as birthdays, holiday celebrations, recreational or instructional class activities. It is important to know that just a tiny amount of the allergen, a trace amount, is enough to cause a reaction that will threaten the life of these allergic children. Therefore, we are asking that you be aware of the labels of products that read, "may contain, shared equipment with, contains trace amounts, or processed on" that indicate peanuts or tree nuts may be present. We are asking that you not send home-baked goods for the aforementioned activities. We also ask that any foods that are brought in be store bought and sealed.  The safety of all of our children is a priority to this district. We appreciate your support of ensuring a safe school environment for all students.

                                    Emergency Closing Information

                                    Parents are automatically signed up for automated text messages and/or email alerts regarding school closing via PowerSchool. Emergency closing information will continue to be broadcasted via radio and television. We kindly ask that parents do not call the school or the district office regarding school closings as we have limited personnel to field such calls.

                                    Missed Assignments

                                    Vacation: Assignments will be given when the student returns from vacation. Illness: Assignments missed due to illness will be given one day per day of absence plus a day to complete missed work. Requests for homework should be given to the office before 11:00 am. Requested homework will be available in the office between 3:15 and 3:30. Homework can be sent home with siblings per your request, but not with other students. Summit Hill School District 161 appreciates parents taking an active role in the child's education both at school and at home.


                                    A student who uses, possesses, controls, or transfers a weapon, or any object that can reasonably be considered, or looks like, a weapon, shall be expelled for at least one calendar year, but no more than 2 calendar years. The Superintendent may modify the expulsion period and the Board may modify the Superintendent's determination, on a case-by-case basis. A "weapon" means possession, use, control, or transfer of: (1) any gun, rifle, shotgun, a weapon as defined by Section 921 of Title 18, United states Code, firearm as defined in Section 1.1 of the Firearm Owners Identification Act, or use of a weapon as defined in Section 24-1 of the Criminal Code; (2) any other object if used or attempted to be used to cause bodily harm, including but not limited to, knives, brass knuckles, billy clubs; or (3) "look-alikes" of any weapon as defined above. Any item, such as a baseball bat, pipe, bottle, lock, stick, pencil, and pen, is considered to be a weapon if used or attempted to be used to cause bodily harm. The Superintendent or designee may grant an exception to this policy, upon the prior request of an adult supervisor, for students in theatre, cooking, ROTC, martial arts, and similar programs, whether or not school-sponsored, provided the item is not equipped, nor intended, to do bodily harm.

                                    Appearance Code

                                    Students' dress for school, school activities, and school-related trips should be reasonable, reflect good taste, and be agreeable to the school sponsor/administration. Any mode of dress or appearance (including hairstyle and/or color, contact lens style and/or color, visible tattoos, and body piercing) that is disruptive to the safety or educational environment of our school will not be tolerated.