PowerSchool is a Student Information System used by schools across the country. It is capable of allowing parents access to student grades and attendance in real time. The purpose of the parent portal is to increase communication and collaboration among parents, students and teachers.

Summit Hill School District believes it is important for parents to become educated in the process of grades and assessments. PowerSchool makes it possible for parents to check grade information more frequently and in more depth. With that in mind, it is important for parents to review the following information:

  •    In an attempt to ensure high expectations and to standardize grading practices throughout the district, the district has developed guidelines for assessing student performance for the Student Report Card. These guidelines (Tests, Quizzes, Classwork/Homework) give weight to three particular categories of assessments in determining final grades for students. These guidelines give more weight to Tests and to Quizzes as the grade level increases, thus assuring that students are graded increasingly on demonstration of their actual learning.
    •   Grades can change dramatically in the first few weeks of the marking period. The reason is simply that when there are only one or two assignments in the grade book, a low or high score can have a dramatic effect on the final grade.
      •    Please be patient as grading does take time. Teachers need ample time to thoroughly review assignments, projects and tests.

        Log In to PowerSchool Now

        District Code: PSPP


        Student Access ID & Password

        • The student's Access ID and Access Password will need to be used when you link your child to your account.
        • You should have received your child's Access ID and Access Password when you proved residency.
        • The Access ID and Access Password is the same that you would have used for the online registration website and is only valid for the CURRENT school year.
        • If you have more than one new student you are adding to your account, you will need to list all of them when you create/edit your personal account.
        • If you misplace this information you can contact your child's school or the administration center at 815-469-9103 and we can mail the information to the child's primary address that is listed. Due to security concerns we CANNOT give this information over the phone or Email.

        Add a Student

        If you created an account in a previous year for a sibling that is still in the district, you will only need to sign in to your existing account and add your new student. (Refer below - Account Preferences - Click Students tab then add student. You will need your child's Access ID and Access Password to link the account.)

        New Users

        If you have never created an account, you need to create an account the first time you access the system. During the process you will create your personal username and password that will allow you to sign in to the system in the future. Please see below for instructions on how to create your PowerSchool Parent Access account.


        A parent account allows you to view the information for one or more students with a single sign in. You can also manage your personal account preferences. To create a parent account, follow the instructions below.

        Go to https://summithill.powerschool.com

        Click on Create Account

        Enter the following information:

        • Name: Your first and last name
          • E-mail: Student notifications and correspondence related to your parent account will be sent to this email
            • Desired Username: Your username is your unique PowerSchool identity
              • Password: Your password must be at least 6 characters long
                • Student Access Info:
                  • Student nameAccess ID (which is your child's registration username)Access Password (which is your child's registration password)Your relationship to the student (mother, father, aunt, uncle, etc.)

                PLEASE NOTE

                When entering the Access ID and Access Password they must be entered EXACTLY as you received the information from the district as it is case sensitive.

                Click Enter

                Click on the Enter button to create the new account and access your child's information


                Forgot Password?

                If you have trouble signing into your account AFTER you have created the new account, click on the "Having trouble signing in?" link. This will take your to the recover account sign in information. If you know your username and email address but do not remember the password you can enter this information and then click the Enter button. The password will be emailed to you and then you should be able to log into the site.

                Forgot Username?

                If you do not remember your username for the account, enter your email address into the "Forgot Username?" Tab and then click the Enter button. The username will be emailed to you and then you can log into the site.

                Grade information not displayed?

                If you log into the parent portal site and you do not see your child's grade or attendance information and see a message stating "Information is not available for the current student at this time" The reason that you will see this message is when parent access has been turned off so that teachers can complete their grade books and/or prepare for report cards. Please try to access the site at a later date to view your student's information as per blast email instructions from the district.

                AVAILABLE FEATURES



                Current grades and attendance
                • Teacher's name is a link to email the teacher.
                • Grade/percent is a link to assignment details about the score


                GRADE HISTORY

                Grades for previous terms and quarters (current school year only)
                • Percent is a link to assignment details about the score
                • Assignments that are blue are links to descriptions of those assignments


                ATTENDANCE HISTORY

                Attendance information for the current term
                • Attendance information for year-long and quarter-long courses
                • Term-long course attendance is unavailable


                   ALERT SOLUTIONS 2

                This area provides you with options to choose on how you would like to receive communication from the district via email, home phone, or SMS cell phone text messages
                • View any district email under the My Messages Tab
                • Select the Contact Preferences tab to update how you receive district messages
                • Select Subscriber Information to Update your contact information then click on the green Save Preferences button at the bottom

                EMAIL NOTIFICATION

                To request grade and attendance information to be sent at specific interval via email
                • Select the type of information requested
                • Select the frequency that information is sent
                • Specify email address to which the information will be sent



                Class Assignment and Transportation information.
                • Current school year teacher name, teacher room number, and transportation information


                TEACHER COMMENTS

                Comments from previous Progress Report or Report Card


                SCHOOL BULLETIN

                School announcements that may be posted on upcoming events or reminders


                SCHOOL INFORMATION

                Provides you with your child's school address, phone number, and school map



                • Allows you to edit your account First Name, Last Name, Email, Username and change your password.
                • If you click the Students tab you can ADD your other children to your account.
                • NOTE: you will need the child's Access ID and Access Password in order to link them to your account.



                • Registration and District Fees
                • Provides parents with information with any remaining balances for registration fees, club fees, etc.


                CLASS REGISTRATION

                Not in use at this time


                MY CALENDARS

                Not in use at this time