Notice is given that the following buildings: Arbury Hills School Frankfort Square School Indian Trail School Dr. Julian Rogus School Hilda Walker Intermediate School Summit Hill Junior High School Mary Drew Administration Center

Bill’s Landscaping will perform a weed/fertilizer application, as necessary, to the landscape and island areas of all District Schools beginning Friday, May 7, 2021 after 4 p.m. through Sunday, May 9, 2021 in compliance with the Integrated Pest Management Program developed by Summit Hill School District 161 in accordance with the USEPA and the IDPH. Questions should be directed to: Kevin Perkins kperkins@summithill.org


Kindergarten Registration Drive

Parents may register their child in person at the District Administrative Center, 20100 South Spruce Drive, Frankfort.


  • Parents will need to present an official birth certificate (with certification seal from the county).
    • Students must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2020.
      • If applicable, proof of legal custody would include presentation of a court order or decree for legal guardianship, proof of legal custody through public aid documents, or proof of foster care.

        Enrollment options

        • Extended day program: 8:45 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. Registration: $150.
          • Half-day program: 8:45 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. Registration: $125.
            • Yearly milk may be purchased as well.

              Upon completion of residency verification, parents will be given a username and password to access the online registration form. Parents can pay the registration fee online via credit/debit card. Payment plans are included in the registration form. For additional information, please call 815-469-9103. Bus transportation assignments will be available through PowerSchool in mid-August.

              Re-registration Information

              Re-registration is available online for students in grades 1-8. Registration may also be completed in person at the District Administrative Center, 20100 South Spruce Drive, Frankfort.

              Registration Information

              • Go to www.studentregistration.org then enter your child's Access ID and Password.
                • During online re-registration, current student information is confirmed and updated.

                  Online Payment

                  Please note that the District will implement a mandatory residency validation check with its residency software program.  By doing so, a family who may not be residents would be required to enroll in their resident school district rather than starting the year in District 161. 

                  Documents/Residency Verification

                  Original Birth Certificate
                  Illinois Student Transfer form from previous district
                  Residency of Person With Whom Student Lives:
                  As initial proof of residency, the person with whom the student lives within the district and who claims custody of the student must provide at least ONE document from Category 1 AND at least TWO documents from Category 2, all of which must be acceptable to the District.
                  Category 1 (Check and provide at least ONE of the following documents)

                  • Most recent property tax bill (homeowners) showing parent as taxpayer
                  • Current mortgage statement or mortgage coupon book (homeowners)
                  • Closing papers - Closing must have occurred before registration (NEW STUDENTS ONLY)
                  • Signed, dated and notarized lease agreement Exp. Date:________and proof of last month's payment (renters) Housing letter (military personnel)
                  • If parent is not the actual homeowner, the owner of the property, and the parent must prove residency by providing ONE document from Category 1 and TWO documents from Category 2. Affidavit of Residency Part 1 and Part 2 must be completed.
                  Category 2 (Check and provide at least TWO) of the following documents)
                  • Current driver's license/state ID AND at least ONE of the following documents
                  • Most recent gas/electric/water bill or official start notice
                  • Current vehicle registration
                  • Current homeowners/renters insurance policy and premium receipt
                  • Current Department of Illinois Human Services Letter (DIHS).