Mission Statement

The mission of Summit Hill District 161, in collaboration with the family and the community, is to provide our students with the highest quality educational opportunities in a safe, supportive,and stimulating learning environment which will empower them to become productive global citizens and successful lifelong learners.  

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Absence Numbers

Arbury Hills

(708) 479-2106

Frankfort Square

(815) 469-3176

Indian Trail

(815) 469-6993

Dr. Julian Rogus

(815) 464-2034

Hilda Walker

(815) 464-2285

Summit Hill Jr. High

(815) 469-4330

Emergency Closing Procedures

Plow on snow covered road in blizzard conditions

It never seems soon enough to communicate our plan concerning inclement weather or a school building heating or power emergency. Should the need arise, school closing will be communicated in a variety of ways:

  • Parents can receive alerts via text, voice, or e-mail.
    • Closing information is on www.emergencyclosings.com.
      • Local radio stations: WGN 720, WBBM 780
        • Local television stations: Channels 2, 5, 7, 9 (WGN), 32 (FOX), & CLTV

          General Guidelines

          •   We review wind chill chart from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
            •   If the air temperature reaches -10°, we will strongly consider closing school.
              •   If a sustained wind chill of between -25° and -30° is forecast, we will strongly consider closing school.
                •   We will generally make a decision and communicate with parents around 5:30 a.m.
                  •   A status update will be provided to parents the evening before.
                    •   If schools are closed, all school-related activities are cancelled.