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PBIS at Indian Trail

What is PBIS? Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), is the behavior component of Response to Intervention (RtI). PBIS at Indian Trail is a school wide initiative allowing us to be on the same page with regards to discipline and student behavior. We will use a continuum of positive supports for all students in all areas – classroom and non-classroom settings.


  •   Teach all students the behaviors we expect.
    •   Provide a safe environment where students achieve academically and socially.
      •   Increase academic achievement through consistent behavioral expectations.
        •   Encourage positive behaviors and interactions.
          •   Decrease problem behaviors.
            •   Reduce the number of disciplinary referrals.


              •   Matrix – guideline of behavioral expectations
                •   Cool Tools – lesson plans to teach behavioral expectations
                  •   PAWS – tickets given to students for positive behavior which may be exchanged for privileges or other reinforcing items
                    •   School Wide Celebrations – every student will participate in the beginning of the year kick off and quarterly celebrations
                      •   Classroom and Office Disciplinary Referral Forms – data collection system used to monitor student behavior

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                        Parent Organization - ITSCO

                        Welcome! ITSCO stands for Indian Trail School Community Organization. Our goal is to instill a sense of community between the faculty, students, residents, and local businesses. Any questions relating to ITSCO, please email Stacey Bromberek.





                        Ben Salgado



                        Shannon Owens

                        Vice President

                        Open Position


                        Cathie Bradich


                        Hospitality Chair


                        Sam O’Reilly

                        Ways and Means



                        Kate Hucksold

                        Volunteer Committee Chair

                        Hot Lunch


                        Katy Kladis

                        Volunteer Committee Chair

                        Treat Day


                        Amanda Salgado

                        Volunteer Committee Chair

                        Book Fair, Hot Lunch


                        Volunteer Committee Chair

                        Box Tops


                        Annemarie Mucha

                        Volunteer Committee Chair



                        Kathleen Horner

                        Volunteer Committee Chair



                        AVIC – Art Volunteers In The Classroom

                        AVIC offers students the ability to enhance their imagination and utilize their creativity through parent presentations and art projects. This program would not be successful without the help of our parent volunteers!
                        During the school year, AVIC Volunteers meet 4 times a year and present in the classroom 3-4 times a year. No experience is needed and the schedule is very flexible! The Artist is pre-selected and the presentation is already done…all you do is present the materials given to you!
                        If you would like to become more involved and spend time with your child inside the classroom, then you would be a great member of AVIC! The children enjoy it and the parents do too
                        If you have any questions, please contact Annemarie Mucha at or Kathleen Horner at
                        We look forward to another great year of art!

                        "Every child is an artist."  Pablo Picasso