Dr. Barb Rains 


The Superintendent is the chief executive officer for the school district with the authority to manage, supervise, and evaluate all affairs of the system within the policies established by the Board of Education.
The Superintendent administers the development and maintenance of an educational program designed to meet the needs of the community and carries out policies of the Board. Additionally, she assists the Board in developing long-range plans, formulates school objectives, policies, plans, and programs, conducts periodic audits of the total school program, and advises the Board on recommendations for the educational advancement of the schools. Additionally the Superintendent administers the HR and communication functions. 

Doug Wiley

Director of Business and Transportation

The Director of Business provides the necessary financial, accounting, and record keeping services to facilitate the best possible educational program. He also is the District Treasurer.

Leslie DeBoer

Director of Special Education

The Director of Special Education oversees district special needs programs and services and works with the Superintendent to assure quality programs for students. She oversees social workers, psychologists, and nurses and develops and monitors the IDEA grant.

John Snipes

Director of Curriculum 

The Director of Curriculum oversees the curricular programs and works with the Superintendent to assure quality programs for students. He oversees the coordinators of instructional support and monitors grants.