Arbury Hills School

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  19651 S. Beechnut Drive, Mokena, IL, 60448
 Phone (708) 479-2106


Mrs. Francie Boss

  School Hours

Student Attendance: 9:00 - 3:30

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Mission:  Arbury Hills School is a collaborative community that values the personal and academic growth of the whole child through a safe and supportive environment.

Home of the Arbury Hills All Stars

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Arbury Hills School
Vision:  Learning to reach for the STARS in ALL we do!  
19651 S. Beechnut Drive, Mokena, IL
Phone: (708) 479-2106
Fax: (708) 478-8995
Principal: Mrs. Francie Boss
Secretary:  Mrs. Sajida Farooqi
Clerk:  Mrs. Christine Page
Nurse:  Mrs. Laura Vlosak

School Hours Student Attendance: 9:00 - 3:30
Half Day Hours: 9:00-12:10
School Office Hours:  8:30-3:50

Dismissal Procedures

Our goal at Arbury Hills School is that your children arrive and depart our building in a safe and secure manner. Please follow the following procedures:

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  •   Enter on Beechnut Dr. at the southwest end of the lane. The traffic pattern is one way in and one way out. The lane is for drive-through traffic, please do not park and leave your vehicle in the lane.
    •   Please do not park directly in front of the main entrance doors as you will be asked to move forward so we may load several cars at a time.
      •   Car riders will exit the doors at the front of the school and will wait inside the yellow lines until their ride pulls up to the curb. Your child will be able to walk to your car when you have pulled forward, along the curb, in the designated area. We will load approximately six vehicles at a time.
        •   Staff members are only available to supervise in the front lane and bus lane.
          •   At no time may students cross the lane to go to the parking lot. If you choose to park in the lot, please exit your vehicle, cross the drive, gather your child from the supervising staff members, and escort your child as you cross the lane back to your car.
            •   Please utilize doors on the right side of your vehicle so students are not walking between vehicles.
              •   Your child must go home with you. Please let the office know, in writing, if your child will be going home with another adult other than you.
                •   Do not park in the bus lane or in the bus dismissal area. Be attentive to the bus STOP Arm at all times. Stop Arm violators are reported to the Will County Sheriff.

                  •   Do not utilize the employee parking lot located on the northeastern part of the school grounds, on Magnolia Ave. While this lot may seem appealing, it is not a safe alternative for our students. There are no staff members supervising student movement in the back lot and it is not marked for drop-off/pick-up style traffic with only one entrance/exit. Also, we have observed vehicles to stop-short in the entrance causing near accidents as well as double-parking which blocks other vehicles.


                    •   Meet your child on school property in front of the school.
                      •   Please allow the staff to safely chaperone your child to the meeting points on school property in front of the school. The goal is to keep the main entrance clear of parents and other adults. A student only area directly in front of the main entrance allo
                        •   Again, our goal is to keep student safety as a priority during dismissal and to also provide a safe environment for parents and younger siblings too. Please work with us to learn and follow this new process.

                          Arbury Hills S.T.A.R.S.

                          If you are interested in volunteering this school year, please contact one of our STARS board members.   Email addresses are located under the parent tab.


                          Regular attendance at school is essential. Parents are reminded that regular and prompt attendance at school is extremely important. An ill child should not be in school, since this may result in his/her health being impaired further and may result in other children being exposed to a communicable disease. However, every effort should be made to have the child in school each day he/she is able to attend. Please remember to notify the office when your child will be absent.


                          Appearance Code

                          Students' dress for school, school activities, and school-related trips should be reasonable, reflect good taste, and be agreeable to the school sponsor/administration. Any mode of dress or appearance (including hairstyle and/or color, contact lens style and/or color, visible tattoos, and body piercing) that is disruptive to the safety or educational environment of our school will not be tolerated.