Art Club -

  • Meets: 5th grade Tues/6th grade Thurs after school (Sept-Dec)
  • Fees: $10
Art club is for students who would like to experiment with different materials and techniques. The students will create projects that are not part of the art curriculum to enhance their art appreciation and creativity. Art club fills up quickly so it is imperative to get the form in as soon as possible. There is a $10.00 fee for Art Club.
Mrs. Lauren Mondt
Mr. Erik Donovan
Mrs. Dawn Krueger



Beginning Band/Fifth Grade
Mr. Scott Wagstaff
Wildcat Band/Sixth Grade
Mr. Jason Collins


Basketball - Intramural (mid April-May)

This intramural club is open to all Walker students. In order to participate, you will need a current physical on file and pay a $50 participation fee. Students will be randomly placed on teams that will play on designated days. Each team will play each other team at least once. There is a tournament during the last week of intramural basketball. (includes boys and girls)
Mr. Joe Klosak
Mr. Jim Welsh



Basketball - Girls' (IESA)
Mr. Joe Klosak
Basketball - Boys' (IESA)
Mrs. Jen Hodys


Board Game Club

There are many benefits to playing board games. They offer a challenge and give opportunities for families and friends to socialize. Board games require social skills, critical thinking, and exploration. In addition, games teach lessons to kids about getting along with others in cooperative and competitive situations. Perhaps the best quality of board games is that they require critical thinking. Many board games encourage players to detect patterns, plan ahead, predict the outcome of alternative moves, learn from experiences, think about how others may react, and create new strategies for the future. Join in on the fun. There is a $20 club fee.


Book Club

  • Sponsor: Pending -->


    • Sponsor: Mrs. Tammy Johnson
    • Meets: Wed after school (Jan-March)
    • Activity fee: $20.00
    • Cost of bowling each week: $4.00, and $2.00 for shoes (if needed)
    • Who can join? All 5th and 6th grade students with or without bowling experience. The club is limited to the first 55 students.
    • Where do the students bowl? A bus takes students from Walker to Tinley Park Bowl @ 7601 W 183rd St after school. Students must get picked up at Tinley Park bowling alley at 4:45.
    Bowling Club is an intramural club where anyone can participate. Students will enjoy bowling with friends in a non-competitive, relaxed environment. It is a great way to meet new people.


    Chess Club

    • Sponsor: Mr. Mike Doody
    • Meets: Tues/Thurs after school (Sept-Dec)
    • Fees: $20
    Chess Club turns problem-solving and learning into a game! It develops self-esteem, builds team spirit and increases concentration. Chess club is for students who would like to learn how to play chess and for students who already know how to play chess. Chess is fun and motivational. There is a $20.00 fee for Chess Club.


    Choir - Wildcat Singers

    This is a non-audition 5th and 6th grade chorus available for any student who is interested in singing and performing. Any student, regardless of previous experience, is encouraged to join and be a part of our group. Students will meet once a week after school until 3:55 for rehearsals. We have several mandatory performances throughout the year, and we participate in the IGSMA District Organizational Contest in March. We are looking for students who are dedicated, committed and who love to sing, of course. Our group is continuing to grow and we hope you will be a part of it. There is a $20.00 fee.


    Computer Club

    • Sponsor: Mr. Acevedo
    • Meets: 5th Grade/6th Grade on Tuesday/Thursday after school (Oct-Jan)
    • Fees: $20
    Students who join the computer club will learn how to capture, edit, and narrate, among many others while using Windows Movie Maker. Meetings will take place on Monday for 5th grade and Friday for 6th grade starting in October and go throughout the year. Other meeting times may be scheduled before or after school depending on the project. There is a $20.00 fee.


    Cross Country (IESA)

    Open to all 5-8th grade students. Summer practice starts in August and will end in October. Practices will be held every day during the school week. Meets are scheduled typically on Tuesdays and Wednesdays along with a Saturday Invite Meet.


    Dance Club

    • Sponsor: Pending
    • Meets: Thurs after school (Sept-Jan)
    • Fees: $20
    Dance Club is for those who love to dance. This club is open to all fifth and sixth grade students. This club will meet after school on Mondays and Thursdays. We will perform at one assembly this year for the whole school. The fee is $20.00 and prior experience is not required. Please bring a water bottle, gym shoes, and active clothing.


    Drama Club

    Drama club is a group for 5th and 6th grade students. This group puts on a musical in the spring! Auditions will be in the winter and rehearsals will take place two times a week after school throughout the spring until the production in May! All students will be cast in the production but roles will be assigned based on audition. Students will be a part of the musical "Annie Jr." this year. Students will need to be able to attend all rehearsals and performances in order to be a member of the drama club. There is a $20.00 fee.


    Fitness Club

    Parents should make sure that kids get enough exercise. So, how much is enough? Kids and teens should get 60 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily. This time should include planned, adult-led physical activity and unstructured active free play. Fitness Club will be held after school and will include all components of fitness in the Hilda Walker Fitness Center. There is a $20 club fee.


    Horticulture-Garden Club

    • Sponsor: Mrs. Lona Mucha
    • Meets: Wed after school (Sept-Nov) / Th after school (Mar-May)
    • Fees: $20
    The goal of the Hilda Walker Horticulture/ Garden club is to establish and maintain native plant species on the school property so that helpful insects and birds can flourish. A butterfly habitat has been created and maintained on the school property. Garden club members also plant and care for plants in and around the Hilda Walker school building. A fall mum sale is used to generate income for school plantings and beautification.

    Garden club members have a strong focus on recycling, with daily collection of paper from classrooms. In addition, members also collect and recycle ink cartridges and plastic bags. Members receive and provide education on reducing waste from school lunches, as well as reusing materials more than once.

    For ten years, Hilda Walker has maintained its ‘EARTH AWARD’ for achievements in waste reduction, recycling, and environmental education from the Will County Green/Land Use Department.

    This club is open to both 5th and 6th grade students. There is a $20 club fee.


    Math Club

    The Math Club at Walker is for students who love math and are interested in enrichment. We will be using your already mastered math skills to play games, solve puzzles, and do some artwork. We will also take a few trips to the computer lab. There is a $20.00 fee.  


    Newspaper Club

    • Sponsor: Mrs. Kelly Higgins
    • Meets: Wednesday during lunch/intramurals (Sept-Apr)
    • Fees: $20
    Newspaper Club is for sixth grade students who will have the opportunity to create Walker’s very own school newspaper. Students be able to report on school events, write and publish original stories, complete school-wide surveys, and more! The newspaper will be published quarterly and sold during 5th and 6th grade lunches. All proceeds will benefit a chosen charity. There is a $20.00 fee.


    Safety Patrol

    Activities that will be done by 5th grade safety patrol: • Serve as hall monitors for morning and dismissal times upstairs and on stairwells
    • Will hold open doors in the morning and afternoon
    • Arrange for bicycle safety program for 5th graders in the spring
    • Introduce the Yellow Dot Program sponsored by the state of Illinois
    • Learn about storms, how to identify various storm clouds, and safety tips for storms
    • Make posters, write cool tools using the tips for safety in general for weather
    • Make posters, write cools tools for general safety like walking to and from school, how to keep safe around holidays, bus safety, and safety in the summer
    • Develop Safety Awareness word puzzles, games, and contests


    Scholastic Bowl Team

    Scholastic Bowl Team is made up of 15 students chosen through a try out process. Scholastic Bowl consists of trivia in a variety of areas including math, science, social studies, current events, and pop culture. The team participates in matches against various schools in the area along with many practices here at Walker. Tryouts are held in January and we end our season in April with the Regional tournament.


    Science Club

    The Science Club at Walker is for students who love science and are interested in enrichment. We will learn about different science concepts including biology, ecology and even some physics! We will perform experiments and watch demonstrations to better understand some common scientific concepts. Students may be asked to bring in additional materials for some experiments.

    The club is open to any 5th and 6th grader who feels they have a good grasp of scientific concepts. We are also looking for students that can work cooperatively in a group. There is a $20.00 fee.  
    September  October  November 
    9/10  10/1  11/5 
    9/12  10/3  11/7 
    9/17  10/8  11/12 
    9/19  10/10  11/14 
    9/24  10/15  11/19 (LAST MEETING) 
    9/26  10/17   



    Members of the orchestra have the choice of learning to play violin, viola, cello, or string bass. All are an important part of the orchestra! Students will be able to try out the instruments before choosing which one they would like to play. Students will also be “fitted” for an instrument at the registration night. String instruments come in various sizes so that young students can more easily learn to play. As students grow, they are able to simply trade-in their instrument for a larger size at no additional cost if it is a rental.


    Student Council

    Each classroom chooses one student to represent their class in student council at Walker. We will meet together to organize fundraisers, drives, and special events. Student council members need to be responsible, reliable, outgoing, and trustworthy. Student council is for any student that would like to make an impact in their school and community. There is a $20.00 fee.


    Track (IESA)

    Meets: Mon through Fri after school (Mar-May)

    Mr. Martin Acevedo (fifth grade)
    Mr. Jason Collins (sixth grade)  


    Video Club

    Video Club creates the Walker Step-up Video for fourth graders. They also videotape the Veterans Day Assembly, Drama Club Play, Talent Contest and other classroom and school performances. During training sessions, members learn to edit video, add titles, transitions, effects and music. After training is finished, students meet after school or at lunch to work to complete their chosen projects. The completed videos are transferred to DVDs as a keepsake for the participants. There is a $20.00 fee.


    Volleyball: Intramural

    This is an intramural club where anyone can participate. In order to participate, you will need a current physical on file and pay a participation fee. Students will be randomly placed on teams that will play on designated days. Each team will play each other once and then the last week have a tournament to place the top three teams.

    Girls' Coaches: (Tues/Thurs/Fri Jan-Apr) Boys’ Coaches: (Mon/Wed/Fri Jan-Apr)



    Feeling stressed out and tired all the time? Come & join yoga club with Ms. Hourihan! Yoga helps manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement. Be part of this fun, non-competitive club! All yogi levels are welcome. $20 participation fee