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The winter STAR test is this month. Please encourage your child to give their best effort so we can best address their academic needs.


It is strongly encouraged that students read or be read to for at least 20 minutes every day. This reading should be in addition to homework and should be a text selected by the child. Reading not only provides necessary practice to become a proficient readers, but provides opportunities to develop comprehension skills and build vocabulary.

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11/28 Morning meeting. Only afternoon groups will be seen.


11/29 Afternoon meeting. Only morning groups will be seen.




Things to remember when helping your child with literacy skills:
1.  It's not just about accurately reading and writing, speed is a factor as well. We want out kids to read at a pace that supports comprehension and write sightwords automatically without having to think about how the words look. 
2.  Make sure your child can hear the difference between letters and words before they can see the difference.  
3.  When reading, make sure what your child reads make sense. If not, ask your child, "Did that make sense?" What is the point of reading if you don't understand what the text is saying.  Proficient readers read accurately, but also monitor, search, and apply fix-up strategies when the reading falls apart.
4.  Three ways of learning involve seeing, hearing, and applying some motor skill such as writing.

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Reading at home is important. Reading books that are at the right level for your child is even more important. This video explains how to find those books.

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