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  19900 S. 80th Avenue, Tinley Park, IL, 60487
 Phone (815) 464-2285


Principal: Laura C. Goebel
Assistant Principal: Maura K. Carroll

  School Hours

Office Hours: 8:00am-3:55pm
Teacher Hours: 8:10am-3:10pm
Student Hours: 8:20am to 2:50pm*
Half-Day Student Hours: 8:20am-11:30am
* Activity Dismissal: 3:55pm


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Important Dates

  • August 1, 2017 : Classroom rules
    My classes have the rules that are listed below: 1. Be respectful 2. Be responsible 3. Be safe 4. Be a good citizen 5. Raise your hand
  • August 1, 2017 : Lunchroom Tips
    To help make your child's lunch time experience easier, I suggest the following tips. 1. Pack your child's lunch with extra napkins or paper towels. Students are expected to clean up their area at the tables. Extra napkins or paper towels can help prevent messes or clean them up quicker! 2. Pack a drink in your child's lunch. Some children rely on the water machine at school to purchase a bottle. Unfortunately, the machine is not always turned on during lunch hours, does not provide change, or sometimes does not take a particular bill or coin. To ease frustration, pack a drink in their lunch. 3. Pack food items that your child is able to open. For example, some Gogurt tubes, string cheese, or fruit cups can be tough. Be sure to show your child how to open them! Scissors are not available in the lunchroom. 4. Provide a spoon or straw if needed for a particular item. We do not have extras in the lunchroom. These tips were made by Mrs. Zitkus. She has first hand knowledge because she has worked in the lunchroom and keeps me informed so I can help out my Class! Thank you, Mrs. Zitkus!
  • August 1, 2017 : School Supplies
    Hello! I cannot wait to meet you all! I wanted to let you know that in our classroom we use a minimum eight pocket organizer which I call a docket instead of a binder. There is no room in our desk for a binder so please do not buy one when shopping for school supplies! Also please bring in two different colored containers of play dough to use in science class!
  • August 1, 2017 : Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21
    I do not know if you are aware of this but on the Monday before school starts, there is a solar eclipse. This is the first total solar eclipse in 100 years! In the Chicago area where we live only 80% of sun will be covered but in Southern Illinois the sun will be totally covered for about three minutes! But please remember to not look directly at the sun! It will turn dark here for about three minutes starting around 1:20 PM. I hope we all see this!

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