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Principal: Laura C. Goebel
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May 28

Dear Parents and Students,
This is the last newsletter, and I just wanted to thank you all for making my last school year a great one!  Thank you for all your support and for sending me such great, caring children every day. This class has been one of the kindest groups of children that I have ever had!  Every child in the class has contributed to making this a wonderful year.  We have all worked hard and learned much together and, hopefully, the students have enjoyed this time as much as I have.  Have a great summer!                  Mrs. Cramer
Monday 28- No School!  Memorial Day celebrated        

Tuesday 29-

Wednesday 30- Last Wildcat Wednesday dedicated to Quinn Lisak, our former Wildcat, who is undergoing multiple surgeries and fighting Leukemia.  Today is “Hats off to Quinn (and wear orange) day.”  Students are asked to bring in a donation of $1 or more to help raise money for Quinn. 

READING: Last day of reading; Don’t forget to download the Fashion Show from my website.  It will only be posted until the end of June.          

Thursday 31- MATH:  Last day of math  

Friday 1– All Day Field Day!!!!   A hot dog lunch is provided, but students can bring more if they think they need more.  Your child will be sent home tired!  Be sure to wear sunscreen.

Monday 4- Award Assembly @1:40; Signing year books in the AM

Last Day!  Wow, it is really over!

  • Please review the dress code with your child.
  • Thank you to the parents that came to view our Adjective Fashion Show movie!
  • Be sure to read all summer!  This will have you better prepared for sixth grade.
  • Don’t forget to practice math facts!  Five minutes a night will make a HUGE difference.
  • Have a great summer break!
  • This newsletter is posted on our classroom website at www.summithill.org.
Four Facts to Know About Summer Reading
1. All It Takes Is Four
2. Let Them Choose
3. Top of the Tests
4. Big Vocabularies
By reading four or more books over the summer, kids can avoid the "summer slide," or gap in academic skills, when they return to school in the fall.
Forget asking kids to read the latest Newbery tearjerker. According to a Scholastic survey, 91 percent of kids are more likely to finish books they choose themselves. 
Kids who read a million words a year score in the top 2 percent on standardized tests. A million words may sound like a lot, but it’s only about 25 average length novels
Kids learn 4,000-12,000 new words every year reading. That means three months without books can make a huge difference in their vocabularies and test scores.
AND this Means ENJOY the SUMMER by READING! 

This newsletter is posted on our classroom door.

Our newletter for the Summit Reading Class is posted below!   

A Week in our Reading Class  May 28
Dear Students and Parents,
This will be my last Reading Newsletter of the year.  I REALLY enjoyed seeing all the parents at our “Portfolio show-off day,” and I hope you all download and enjoy our movie for many years!  Thank you, parents, for all your support this year!  I hope that your students all have learned a lot and enjoyed it... or some of it!  I think the students have learned many things that will help them in their future successes!  Read all summer-see note below- and always ponder!
The computer club sent me this link for the DVD to the files to share with reading parents:
Make sure to read the "Four Facts to Know About Summer Reading" on my homeroom newsletter above!
If you need to contact me, feel free to call, send a note, or email me.  The fastest way is to send in a note.

Important Dates

  • August 1, 2017 : Classroom rules
    My classes have the rules that are listed below: 1. Be respectful 2. Be responsible 3. Be safe 4. Be a good citizen 5. Raise your hand
  • August 1, 2017 : Lunchroom Tips
    To help make your child's lunch time experience easier, I suggest the following tips. 1. Pack your child's lunch with extra napkins or paper towels. Students are expected to clean up their area at the tables. Extra napkins or paper towels can help prevent messes or clean them up quicker! 2. Pack a drink in your child's lunch. Some children rely on the water machine at school to purchase a bottle. Unfortunately, the machine is not always turned on during lunch hours, does not provide change, or sometimes does not take a particular bill or coin. To ease frustration, pack a drink in their lunch. 3. Pack food items that your child is able to open. For example, some Gogurt tubes, string cheese, or fruit cups can be tough. Be sure to show your child how to open them! Scissors are not available in the lunchroom. 4. Provide a spoon or straw if needed for a particular item. We do not have extras in the lunchroom. These tips were made by Mrs. Zitkus. She has first hand knowledge because she has worked in the lunchroom and keeps me informed so I can help out my Class! Thank you, Mrs. Zitkus!

Video List

Summit Reading Movie

Adjective Fashion Show; Biography Booktalk; First Booktalk with Parents

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