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News for the week February 11, 2019
We have 20 children in our class if your child wants to pass out Valentines.
Thursday, February 14th is SHEF Pizza Day.
Friday, February 15th is an Institute Day so there will be no student attendance.
Monday Februrary 18th is Presidents' Day so there will be no school.
READING:  Our story this week is a biography of Tomas Rivera along with an informational selection Life, Then and Now
FOCUS SKILLS:  Sequencing events, using context to understand 
PHONICS: Long o words, contractions 've and 're
SPELLING:  Spelling test will be on Friday, February 22nd.
We will now have 10 spelling words every week and 2 sentences on our weekly formative spelling tests.  Our words this week have the long o sound that is spelled -ow or oa.
show      row
grow      low
blow      snow
boat     coat
road     toad
GRAMMAR: Adjectives and the future tense    
WORDS TO KNOW:  Your child should be able to read these words without hesitation.
done, great, laugh, paper, soon, talk, were, work
MATH:  We will have our Chapter 7 assessment on Thursday.
SCIENCE:  Animal parts
SOCIAL STUDIES:  Schools and communities past and present.
Now that the weather is turning cooler please remember that children go out to recess every day that it is not raining or that it is above 20 degrees.  They should have appropriate outerwear to keep warm.
Assessments and Grading Guidelines
Formative assessments make up 25% of the quarterly grade.  They are to guide the next steps in the learning process.  Weekly spelling tests, weekly Words to Know, weekly Comprehension and Phonics tests and mid-chapter math tests  are all Formative Assessments.  Formative assessments can take many forms and are not limited to the above.
Summative Assessmen make up 75% of the quarterly report card grades and they provide evidence of the mastery of skills.  These are given at the end of a unit or chapter.
A summative grade of a D or F requires a reassessment after reteaching.  The most recent score will be recorded.
A/B/C grades for Summative can be reassessed, but only one per subject per quarter, and again the most recent score will be recorded.

Important Dates

  • February 1, 2019 : SHEF Pizza Day
  • February 1, 2019 : SCO Activity Night
  • February 8, 2019 : SCO Hot Lunch

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