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News for the week April 15,  2019
- There will be no school Friday, April 19th
- There will be no school Monday, April 22nd.
- Bring $1 to wear sunglasses to school on Thursday.
- Don't forget our field trip on April 30th.
- The Scholastic Book Fair will be on May 1st.
READING:  We are reading The New Friend and Symbols of Our Countgry.
FOCUS SKILLS:  Understanding characters, narrators, and summarizing
PHONICS: Vowel digraphs  /ou/, /ow/
We will now have 10 spelling words every week and 2 sentences on our weekly formative spelling tests.  
how     now
cow     owl
ouch    house
found   out
gown   town

GRAMMAR: Contractions review
WORDS TO KNOW:  Your child should be able to read these words without hesitation.
buy, city, family, myself, party, please, school, seven
MATH:  Chapter 10 covers graphs and data
SCIENCE:  Plant parts and survival
SOCIAL STUDIES:  Our new chapter is called One Nation Many People.  We will learn about different cultures in our country.
Assessments and Grading Guidelines
Formative assessments make up 25% of the quarterly grade.  They are to guide the next steps in the learning process.  Weekly spelling tests, weekly Words to Know, weekly Comprehension and Phonics tests and mid-chapter math tests  are all Formative Assessments.  Formative assessments can take many forms and are not limited to the above.
Summative Assessmen make up 75% of the quarterly report card grades and they provide evidence of the mastery of skills.  These are given at the end of a unit or chapter.
A summative grade of a D or F requires a reassessment after reteaching.  The most recent score will be recorded.
A/B/C grades for Summative can be reassessed, but only one per subject per quarter, and again the most recent score will be recorded.

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