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Reassessment Procedures for Reading, Language, and Social Studies Students who receive a D or an F will have a required retake. Students that receive an A, B, or C may request to retake a summative assessment. This request must be made within a week of the summative assessment. Keep in mind that students that opt to retake a summative assessment may only do so once per subject per quarter and the second grade will be the one recorded in PowerSchool. Students must meet with the teacher to discuss the assessment and students will need to complete the following steps for reassessment to be given. Step 1: Students will need to fill out a "Request to Re-Test" form. This form requires both a parent and student signature. Step 2: Students will need to correct the original assessment and complete any additional review pages provided by the teacher to prepare for the reassessment. The reassessment will take place within a week of the original assessment on a date determined by the teacher. The request to re-test form and evidence must be completed and returned on the date of the reassessment. Students that do not complete all requirements, will not be allowed to retake the summative assessment.

Posted : 2018-10-09 | Due on : 2018-10-17

Night in the Museum Inquiry Project

Students will work in small group to research an early American empire and create artifacts for a museum display.

This week in class


Homework: Finish Story Idea Chart & have an idea of the story you will use for your narrative


Homework: Finish prewriting story board 



Wildcat Wednesday! - wear your spirit wear to school!

Homework - action verb worksheet


Homework: Ancient Empire Articfact and Notecard due October 26



Mrs. Maranto’s Weekly News
October 15, 2018
Homeroom:  Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to chaperone our upcoming field trip.  However, I can only take three of the eight parents who volunteered.   Last week we drew names to see whose parents would chaperone and those parents were contacted.
Please, consider donating one or two pairs of new socks to the student council “Socktober” drive.  The socks we collected will be donated to those in need.
Reading/Language Arts:  This week the children will use what they have learned about theme and plot structure to write the first draft of a personal narrative.  I will use their first draft as a formative grade.  Next week the students will rewrite their narratives as a summative assessment.
Language Arts:  Students will learn about the suffixes –ion and
-tion.  Toward the end of the week we will begin a unit on verbs.
Social Studies:   Much of our class time this week will be devoted to social studies.  The students will work in small groups to create artifacts for a museum exhibit.  We will spend Monday and Tuesday researching and planning the exhibit.  Then on Wednesday and Thursday the students will create their artifacts. 

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