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January 2018 HELLO and WELCOME to my teacher page! Please make sure you check this page every week so you can see important dates and also get a quick view of what we are working on week to week. IF YOU WANT TO SEE WHAT WE ARE WORKING ON IN CLASS, click on "Newsletter: for a detailed review. FYI: If you decide to email me FROM THIS PAGE I will NOT be able to email you back. I would strongly recommend to email me at this address: in order for me to respond and let you know I received your inquiry. IMPORTANT NOTES:*We have snack time every day after P.E. (10:45) NO PEANUTS OR FOOD PROCESSED WITH PEANUTS are allowed. You truly must check ALL labels as peanuts are added or manufactured alongside MANY snack products like crackers, granola-type snack bars and even some yogurt products! I ask for fresh fruit or veggies as these are healthy, eaten quickly, and help hydrate the children as well. Water bottles may be brought to school but are not allowed in the classroom. Students can keep the water bottles in their backpacks and drink from them after P.E. and recess. **P.E. is every day at 10:10. Students should wear their P.E. shoes to school and change into other shoes if needed afterwards. Store those shoes in their backpacks so students can change into them after P.E. during snack time. ******Contact me if you have ANY questions or concerns. ~~~IMPORTANT DATES:

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Science/Social Studies

We have completed StemScopes Two which is about plant and animal dependence. Student showed excellent progress in all areas of their scientific work! Ask them about the activities we completed in class. In Social Studies we are working on map skills and learning about the Pilgrims and their ways of life in the New World.

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We are working in Chapter 8

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ELA (Reading, Grammar)

We will be reading, "Luke Goes to Bat" this week.

This week in class


9:35 MUSIC 10:10 P.E.


9:35 MUSIC 10:10 P.E.


10:10 P.E. Library 1:55 pm ART (during Art Weeks) 2:20


10:10 P.E. TECH 1:10 -2:10


10:10 P.E.


Hi Parents and students! I have decided to write a weekly newsletter in addition to my opening page. Here you will find in more detail what we are doing in class this week.
Reading: This week we are reading The Signmker's Assistant. This story is humorous fiction. There are several target skills this week: text and graphic features, nouns and adjectives, shades of meaning, and story elements. Please look in your child's red take home folder for the spelling, review and challenge words. Language Arts: Our focus this week is on nouns, adjectives....and verbs and adverbs.
MATH: We have worked through Chapter 8 and will take the final test this week.
Social Studies: We are continuing with map skills and learning how to use map scale to determine the actual distance from one place to another on a map. Science: We are moving forward into the next StemScope which is about changes to land.

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