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Student Attendance: 9:00 - 3:30


May 29, 2018 The school year is coming to an end....but we are still working and learning! Thank you to ALL of the parents who helped make our year so special. Have a wonderful summer! Things to remember: ~If your child forgets his/her lunch, I will contact you as soon as I can! Lunches need to be brought to school no later than 11:55 am. ***Parents: Please check your child's homework nightly. We are reviewing subtraction and addition skills --- and homework often includes this important skill. Please sign your child's homework when requested as I need you to know how your child is reaching and achieving target skill goals. *******All students in my classroom will be assigned reading activities through "RazKids." The expectation is that each student can continue improving their reading skills even if they are at home. Each and every student knows my username and knows how to access the site either at school or at home. Please discuss this opportunity with your child and have them SHOW YOU how they can read independently at home to score points and have fun while learning!

Posted : 2017-12-17 | Due on : 2018-03-19


We will finish strong with addition and subtraction skills! The students are doing a great job on both!

Posted : 2018-02-11 | Due on : 2018-05-01


Our spelling words come from the novel "Second Grade Slippers." The list is as follows: slippers, pantry, promised, mouthpiece, confused, enormous, laundry, solution, tomorrow, guppies, variety, listened, comfortable, thermometer, clapping. We will be working on spelling every day - the test will be narrowed to ten words based on the students' work during the week.

Posted : 2018-04-03 | Due on : 2018-05-01


We are reading a novel this week: Ready Freddy: Don't Sit on My Lunch! Students will complete chapter comprehension work and problem/solution graphic organizers as well.

Posted : 2018-01-01 | Due on : 2018-05-01

Social Studies/Science

Social Studies: We will review our map skills this week and next.
Science: We are learning about the states of matter: liquid, solid, and gases.

Posted : 2018-01-01 | Due on : 2018-05-01


FOCUS SKILL: We are reviewing adverbs and contractions and possessive nouns this week.

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9:35 MUSIC 10:10 P.E.


9:35 MUSIC 10:10 P.E.


10:10 P.E. Library 1:55 pm ART (during Art Weeks) 2:20


10:10 P.E. TECH 1:10 -2:10


10:10 P.E.


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