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Week of December 18, 2017 •We have an exciting week planned!! This is our last week before Winter break! *********** WINTER WEAR- IT WEEK ************* Monday, 12/18 Merry and Bright Wear Red or Green Tuesday, 12/19 Holiday Headwear Wear a Santa Hat, reindeer antlers, elf ears, or Whoville hair! Wednesday, 12/20 Settle in for a “long” Winter’s Nap Wear your pajamas Thursday, 12/21 Blizzard White-Out Day Wear white to resemble a snowy blizzard Friday 12/22 Festive Friday Wear anything festive (holiday shirt, socks, colors) **All activities are optional** ~~~~~And then, we are planning on viewing the classic, "Polar Express" movie on Wednesday.... Notes will be sent home MONDAY for your permission....If you do NOT want your child to view this movie, please contact me asap. ~The winter weather is upon us! Please make sure your child has a warm coat, scarf, and mittens as we go out for recess every day as long as the wind chill is above 25 degrees. ~Continue to send your child to school with shoes for P.E. Winter boots may be worn, but we have P.E. early each morning and students need to change into P.E. shoes as soon as they enter the building. ~Many chapped lips and chapped hands from the onset of the cold weather....feel free to send Chapstick to school with a note stating you approve of the use of it. I must have a note in order for your child to apply it during the day. ~Thank you, parents for helping with the UNfundraiser! Your help with donations is SOOOOO appreciated!

Posted : 2017-09-24 | Due on : 2017-09-25


We are learning about Pilgrim's daily life....and will begin learning about the Inuit (often referred to as Eskimos) this week

Posted : 2017-10-22 | Due on : 2017-10-22


Grammar: This week we will be working on common and proper nouns with our "interactive notebook."

Posted : 2017-10-29 | Due on : 2017-12-04


There will not be a spelling test this week....We will be using dictionaries to look up words from our novel, "Ramona and Beezus." Formative and summative grades will be collected from our daily novel work.

Posted : 2017-12-03 | Due on : 2017-12-04


We will be reading another novel this week: "Ramona and Beeevis." Formative and summative assessments will be collected from this literature study.

Posted : 2017-12-17 | Due on : 2017-12-18


Formative and Summative assessments continue to be collected for addition and subtraction with two and three digit numbers. Also, we are learning about standard measuring units, perimeter, geometric figures, telling time and how to count money.

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9:35 MUSIC 10:10 P.E.


9:35 MUSIC 10:10 P.E.


10:10 P.E. Library 1:55 pm ART (during Art Weeks) 2:20


10:10 P.E. TECH 1:10 -2:10


10:10 P.E.


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