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Welcome to the 2018-19 school year!

Posted : 2019-01-23 | Due on : 2019-02-01

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4th Grade State PowerPoint


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There are many new and exciting things going on in technology this year! The technology curriculum includes . . .
1st Grade:
In first grade we will use a wonderful program called Wixie!  It is an online program (, which allows children to do anything from drawing & painting to word processing.  Students will use this program to make fun and creative projects which support the classroom curriculum, while also learning important mouse and tablet skills.  
The first grade students will also be introduced to Microsoft Word! Word will be utilized to further develop their word processing and tablet skills, such as typing letters to form words, using the space bar correctly, making upper case letters, and using puncuation such as a period & exclaimation mark.
Educational websites such as Think Central &, play a role in helping students learn browser skills such as using the bookmarks bar and hyperlinks, all while having fun and practicing the skills taught in class.
The typing program will be intorduced to our 1st graders in January.  The students will be learning their home row keys in a fun and exciting way!
2nd Grade:
In 2nd grade the students use many of the same programs and websites as our first graders, however the projects focus more on publishing their writing and creating audio and visual recordings.  
Microsoft PowerPoint is introduced as well as the shortcut keys/commands for printing.  Additional Office skills such as changing font, font color and font size are also introduced.
3rd Grade;
In 3rd grade students will be utilizing Office 365, the online version of Microsoft Office.  Each student will have an Office 365 account, which is easily accessed at home as well as at school.  Teachers will begin to push out assignments through Teams and students work will be saved in their OneDrive (Which will eventually eliminate the need for flash drives.)
Additional Office skills will include using commands to cut/copy & paste text and images, insert & delete slides in PowerPoint, utilize the different toolbars & understanding the tabs.  
Typing faster and with better accuracy will be a focus. will be utilized at every grade level. Typing. com can also be accessed at home for more practice.
4th Grade:
In 4th grade students will begin to use basic search skills for research.  They will use multiple windows and tabs to research and record information. 
Students will continue to use to further develop their typing skills. By the end of 4th grade, students should be able to type minimum of one page in a single setting with about 96% accuracy.  This is especially important for taking the PARCC tests in the spring.
All grade levels will participate in our Internet Safety/Digital Citizenship program. Students will NOT be allowed to participate in any online activities until BOTH parents and students have signed off on the acceptable use policy and returned it to their classroom teacher.
I'm looking forward to working with your child this year!
Laura Fifer
Technology Teacher
Frankfort Square School

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