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Second Grade Newsletter

November 17, 2017


Reading/Language – This week we read Jellies: The Life of a Jellyfish.  This informational text tied in nicely with our Animal Research Presentations.  We learned the differences between facts and opinions.  We learned about comparative endings –er and –est.  We reviewed present tense verbs and how to make verbs past tense and future tense.      


Spelling-This week we focused contractions.  Look for new words to come home on Monday, November 27.  The test will be Friday, December 1.


Math- This week we continued up our chapter on double digit addition.  When we come back from Thanksgiving break, we will wrap up the chapter.  Please practice with your child at home—students should have their basic facts memorized.  Many students know the steps to completing a 2 digit addition problem, but do not add their basic facts correctly.  A great website that we use to practice our facts is XtraMath (click on the link below).  If you don’t want to use a website, flashcards are another excellent way to memorize the facts.


*Remember you can log into if your child is having difficulty with a concept.  There are videos on the website that show you step-by-step instructions.  **This past week we reviewed Chapter 4, Lessons , 4, 5 and 6  if you are trying to look up the lessons online**


Social Studies- With this being the week before Thanksgiving, we spent our time reading stories about the pilgrims and the Indians.  We read the book The Story of the Pilgrims, which was about the journey of the pilgrims and their struggles with their first year in the new world.  We read Sarah Morton’s Day, which was about the life of a pilgrim girl.  The children saw how hard those children worked each day.  We also read the story Samuel Eaton’s Day.  This was a story showed us what a typical day was like for a pilgrim boy.  The boys and girls are very thankful for their lives they have today.  We also practiced reading our speeches for our Animal Research Presentations,


Dates to Remember/Homework:

Monday, November 20--No School, Parent Teacher Conferences 10:00am-8:00pm

Tuesday, November 21--No School, Parent Teacher Conferences 8:30am-11:30am

Wednesday, November 22--No School

Thursday, November 23--Thanksgiving Day, No school

Friday, November 24--No School

Enjoy your Thanksgiving break!


Monday, November 27– School resumes.  All library books are due today.  Homework: Math worksheet.  Spelling words go home today.

Tuesday, November 28-- Homework: Read supplemental story of the week and poetry folder.

Wednesday, November 29 --Homework: Math worksheet.

Thursday, November 30 --Homework: Read anchor story of the week.  Grammar and Phonics online test today. 

Friday, December 1 -- Spelling test today.  Comprehension and Vocabulary online tests today. 


**Thank you to all the family members that came to our Animal Research Presentations.  The children did a FANTASTIC job and I couldn’t be prouder.  We hope you enjoyed it!  I know the students did!  Also, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.  Enjoy your time together!   

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    -*Please refer to my weekly newsletter, which you can access by clicking on the link down below in the "Downloads List" section.

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