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Principal: Laura C. Goebel
Associate Principal: Jennifer Winefka
Assistant Principal: Robert Juritza

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Office Hours: 7:25am - 3:55pm
School Hours: 7:50am - 2:20pm

Extramural Activities at Summit Hill Junior High

Part of a well-rounded education includes non-academic opportunities for social and physical growth. All students at Summit Hill are encouraged to become involved in the co-curricular activities afforded to them in the areas of interscholastic athletics, instrumental/vocal music, student government, and the various subject centered clubs. To participate in an activity, one must be in attendance for a minimum of two-and-one-half hours on the day of the event or activity. (Students may not participate while they are suspended).

Art Club

  • Sponsor: Brittany Stewart
  • Meets: Wednesdays
  • Activity Fee: $20
Art Club provides an opportunity to engage in activities that are not part of the regular art curriculum. Students create individual pieces and collaborate with one another to produce unique works of art. All ability levels are welcome to join.


  • Sponsor: Kim Coughlin
  • Meets: August - Graduation
  • Activity Fee: $20 / year
Ensembles offered are:
  • Concert Band
  • Symphonic Band (audition required)
  • Marching Band and Color Guard
  • Jazz Band and Percussion Ensemble
  • Pep Band

Book Club

  • Sponsor: Elaine Noonan
  • Meets: TBD
  • Activity Fee: $20

Chess Club

  • Sponsor: Ryan Hagen
  • Meets: Fridays
  • Activity Fee: $20
This is a co-ed club. Students of all skill levels are invited. Students play and learn against each other. There will be a tournament to conclude the season. The IESA sponsors a state series in this activity.


  • Sponsor: Jill Lewkow
  • Meets: Before school
  • Activity Fee: $20
Any student can audition to be a member of the Choir. The Choir performs at the fall, winter, and spring concerts. Choir will meet on days of the week to be determined. This is open enrollment and practices are held before school. Please enter through door 04. There is a activity fee.

Fitness Club

  • Sponsor: Tina Yiakos
  • Meets: TBA
  • Activity Fee: $20
The Fitness Club requires a sports physical. All are welcome to attend. Students use the Fitness Center after school. Listen for announcements for details of when the club begins in January.

Go Green - Spartan Science Club

  • Sponsor: Amber Ostrowski
  • Meets: TBA
  • Activity Fee: $20
The purpose of this club is to enhance students understanding of the diverse fields of science and how all disciplines work together to better understand and explain our world. This is a hands-on club. Science Club will have a CSI - Forensics topic of study this year! Meetings will be held on Mondays beginning in September.

Math Club

  • Sponsor: Rita Bottomley & Ryan Hagen
  • Meets: December to April
  • Activity Fee: $20
The math team is comprised of 7th and 8th grade students, both boys and girls, who are interested in competing in math competitions. This is open to all students to participate, but it is usually comprised of students who have a strong background in Math. Practices are held from December to April. There is one main competition held in April through the Lincoln-Way High Schools. The students also compete in two other competitions, the IML and ICTM middle school competitions.

Musical Revue

  • Sponsor: Kim Coughlin & Katie Goddard
  • Meets: March - May
  • Activity Fee: N/A
Revue rehearsals begin in March and the show is in early May.

National Junior Honor Society

  • Sponsor: Beth Zinsky
  • Meets:
  • Activity Fee:
A faculty council for membership in the National Junior Honor Society selects eligible students. Membership is based on scholarship, leadership, citizenship, service, and character. Membership is open to both seventh and eighth grade students who qualify. Students must attend mandatory meetings. Refer to handouts for more information.

Newspaper - Spartan 300

  • Sponsor: Beth Zinsky
  • Meets: TBA
  • Activity Fee: $20
Open to all seventh and eighth grade students. Do you enjoy reporting the news? Do you have a talent for writing? Are you a little bit familiar with desktop publishing? Do you know how to take and download digital photos? Well if you have the slightest interest, the Spartan 300 school newspaper needs a group of talented students to produce a quarterly newspaper for our awesome school. Our Spartan 300 is looking for students to join Newspaper Club. Listen to announcements for club meetings and cancellations. This club will begin in September.


  • Sponsor: Katie Goddard
  • Meets: TBA
  • Activity Fee: $20

Recreation & Game Club

  • Sponsor: Mike McDonald & Michael Deutscher
  • Meets: After school from 2:30 to 3:35 Dates are TBD
Recreation & Game Club- Mike McDonald & Michael Deutscher- Open to all 7th and 8th grade students, this club meets during the Spring in the Cafetorium.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in various games including table tennis.  There is something for everyone! 

Scholastic Bowl

  • Sponsor: Ms. Sara Pustz
  • Meets: Spring after school (Jan-Apr/May)
  • Activity Fee: $20
Scholastic Bowl Team is made of an A team & B team of 7th and 8th graders and is an IESA recognized activity. Scholastic Bowl consists of trivia in a variety of areas including math, science, social studies, current events, and pop culture. The team participates in home and away matches against various schools in the area. The team practices weekly. Tryouts are held in January and the season ends April with the Regional tournament, with the possibility of advancement to Sectionals and State tournaments in May.

Spartans for Service

  • Sponsor: Amanda Baske
  • Meets: During Lunch
  • Activity Fee: N/A
Spartans for Service is a club to help students develop leadership qualities through experiences in community service. Students have the chance to make a personal contribution to their school, community, and peers. The goal of the club is to build a better world for students and others. Some previous activities include making bracelets to support cancer, Family Movie Night, making fleece blankets for students with autism, a visit to Shriners Children's Hospital volunteering for various elementary school activities, and supporting teacher appreciation week. Spartans for Service Club meets during the lunch hours. Members also sign up for various service activities throughout the school year. Our school guidance counselor oversees the group. This activity begins in September and meets during the intramural portion of all lunch periods and is open to all students.

Speech Club

  • Sponsor: Mike McDonald & Mollie Marshall
  • Meets: TBA
  • Activity Fee: $20
Students have the opportunity to participate in Speech and/or Drama club activities throughout the year. Speech team begins in September with preparations for interschool competition. Students who are interested in learning about public speaking are encouraged to join the club when the first organizational meetings are announced. Students who are interested in performing - this is the club for you!

Student Council

  • Sponsor: Cheryl Michals
  • Meets: Mornings
  • Activity Fee: N/A
Members are involved in many service activities throughout the school year. This is open to all students. Meetngsare generally held in the morning before school starts. The first meeting is the first full week of school at 7:05AM - enter through door 04. This club is a great way to plan school events. Come see what we are all about.

Video & Tech Club

  • Sponsor: Jack Mecher
Video & Tech Club- Jack Mecher- The Video and Tech Club is comprised of 7th and 8th grade students, both boys and girls, who are interested in learning more about technology and video production.  Students will learn to record and edit videos in addition to other aspects of technology.

Writers Workshop

  • Sponsor: Sara Pustz
  • Meets:
  • Activity Fee: $20
The Writers Workshop focus is on creative writing. Students write stories, poems, and also do a little photo journalism. Students also express themselves artistically by illustrating their writing. This activity will begin in September.

Yearbook Club

  • Sponsor: Y. O'Leary
  • Meets:
  • Activity Fee: $20
A yearbook is published every year at Summit Hill Junior High. A staff of students is selected at the beginning of each year to take pictures, design pages, and write text for the yearbook. The students learn to collaborate and focus on a long-term project of value to the school community. The first meeting is will be held in September.