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Principal: Laura C. Goebel
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Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!  I am excited for the new school year and cannot wait to see our new and returning students! The Hilda Walker Social Work/Counseling Program is designed to help students with their school success. I offer support with social and emotional concerns through individual and small group meetings, classroom guidance lessons, and school wide initiatives. Feel free to contact me by sending an email, phone call, or having students fill out a request form found in their teacher's classroom or in my office (Room 124). 
Common Questions:
What do counselors and social workers do? 
Our main goal is to help your child with their school success.  When students have a social, emotional, or academic reason that interferes with their learning, we meet with them, teachers and/or parents.  Sometimes we see students because they are upset about a peer conflict, or worried about a grade on a test, or a family member had to be hospitalized, or their pet just died.  These issues are addressed through individual or group meetings, as well as classroom lessons. 
How are you different from a therapist at an outside agency?
Besides working with students on IEPs and 504 plans, we frequently see students just a few times, in a classroom setting or when settling a conflict with a peer.  Our primary role is to deal with school-related problems and sometimes an issue is better addressed more intensively in a therapeutic setting and with greater direct parental involvement.  We have a list of referrals on hand if you need help finding an outside therapist for your child. 
How do students come to you?
We will meet with all students to introduce ourselves and let them know how they can request an appointment.  We have request sheets in our office and in their teacher's classroom.   We also get requests from parents, teachers, and sometimes administrators.  We want our students to know that they can come to us for help. 
Will I be notified if my child comes to see you?
If students come to us for relatively minor issues, we may not notify you unless: a) there is a safety concern, b) your child has asked for repeated sessions, or c) if the problem is significant.  We will always ask for your written permission if we feel your child would benefit from regular meetings. 
Thanks and looking forward to another great school year! 

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