Summer Learning Opportunities

Summer Reading Challenge
All Summit Hill 161 students are invited to participate in the Summer Reading Program during the months of June and July. Families may visit their local public library to register for this program. You will receive a yard sign to display at home! (The Tinley Park Public Library will provide a voucher for you to use to pick up your yard sign at the Frankfort Public Library.) New teen option this year…we will offer a sticker (for a water bottle, computer, notebook, etc.) rather than the yard sign.
Summer Reading Program Flyer
If you remember this program from the past, the sign is just the beginning! You may choose to participate in further opportunities within the library like submitting a reading log to earn prizes. More information about each library will be posted in our Virtual Backpack and available at your library.
Reading at home is essential to strengthening skills in language, vocabulary, and comprehension. Help build a love of reading in your child. We can’t wait to see the yard signs start popping up around our district!

Summer Freckle Challenge
In order to promote continued learning opportunities and reinforcement of academic skills this summer, we encourage families to participate in the Summer Freckle Challenge.  
Freckle offers differentiated practice and instruction. Freckle easily identifies each student’s individual level and delivers “just-right” practice aligned to math and ELA standards. As students practice independently, Freckle continuously adapts and provides content that fits the variety of ways they learn best.
Freckle is a program we already have access to and it will remain active during most of the summer through ClassLink.

  • Goal: Complete 20 minutes of Freckle, three days each week during the months of June and July
  • Activities will be listed in a calendar format, aligned to grade-level NWEA MAP needs (see attachments) 
  • Students will alternate between ELA and math adaptive practice
  • Parents / guardians will complete the calendar log
  • Return your completed calendars to the Mary Drew Administrative Center, or email to in August to earn extra coins in Freckle
  • 1,000 coins per month (2,000 total)!!!!
We invite all families to participate in our Summer Freckle Challenge to practice reading and math skills.  
Incoming 1st Grade
Incoming 2nd Grade
Incoming 3rd Grade
Incoming 4th Grade
Incoming 5th Grade
Incoming 6th Grade
Incoming 7th Grade
Incoming 8th Grade

Accelerated and Summit Math and ELA Activities
Prepare yourself for the upcoming school year in the Accelerated or Summit program. These activities are suggested for new Accelerated or Summit students, but anyone may participate. Participation is strongly encouraged to ensure you are ready for the new school year.
A series of math packets or Delta Math (online) will be made available for additional practice to ensure students are ready for advanced programming. Paper copies of the work pages will be provided to incoming fifth graders because this is our largest group of new students. If you would also like a paper copy, please contact the district office to make arrangements for pick-up. Answer keys are available at the end of the online packets. (We have posted Delta Math activities for 7-8 Summit Math.)
Accelerated Math: 
Incoming 5th Graders
Incoming 6th Graders
Incoming 7th Graders
Incoming 8th Graders
Summit Math: 
Incoming 5th Graders
Incoming 6th Graders
Incoming 7th Graders
Incoming 8th Graders
Accelerated / Summit ELA:
A novel will be selected for grades 5-6 with a different selection at grades 7-8 for summer reading. A novel guide will be shared to help students engage with the text in a meaningful way. Parents/guardians may access the book from the public library, or purchase it for their student to keep. Bonus: You may apply this reading to the Summer Reading Challenge and library logs.
Incoming 5th & 6th Graders: Inside Out and Back Again novel guide
Incoming 7th & 8th Graders: Hidden Figures novel guide